Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This has been so much fun to knit! I love the color, I love the yarn and the pattern on the bottom was easy but just what I needed to kick start my knitting. This is Licorne by Phildar and is 100% cotton yarn. I've actually done about 12 inches so far and hope to have the front done by the weekend. If I can get the back done in the same amount of time, I should have a new shell by next weekend.

I've also started CeCe. I love this little thing. I live in Southeast Georgia, where a normal spring temperature is around 80 something, and summer temps are AWFUL! I'm also not a tiny little thing but love wearing as little as possible in the heat of the summer. With this cute little thing I can wear cammies under it but still feel *covered* and it hides the mid section a little, something that pops up when you hit your 40's!!!! I'm doing it in a light pink but already have plans (and the yarn from my stash since I'm doing the Yarn Focus Challenge) to do a second. I'm thinking when the Baby Girl sees it all done she'll ask for one too. She never asks for anything more than a few scarves I've made, so that would be nice.

I also have a sock on the needles that is at the heel turn, but I've been having too much fun with this bright green to pick it up this week. It'll get there - I like more than one thing going at a time cause I tend to get bored easy.

I FINALLY sewed my Low Tech sweater together this past weekend (only took 4 months) and will hopefully get the button bands and collar (I'm not doing a hood) done either this weekend or next. We have a busy few weeks coming up with the Baby Girl. She's got her Spring Concert, Band Banquet and Prom next week, graduation practice the following week and then graduation day the following week! We're having a big blowout for her graduation party! We're doing a Luau and I've ordered 5 dozen yellow rubber ducks, dressed in Hawaiian attire, to float in the pool. Got lots of shopping and planning to do so might not get to blogging much in the next few weeks.

Hope you're all enjoying spring and thanks to all of you who have left comments! I love hearing from you all and will get better about linking to you in my blog. I'm slowly figuring it all out.
Libby says "when it's hot, just take a nap, or, KNIT"

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

Hi there! Thanks for posting on my blog today. It's nice to meet you. We also have a pug (named Phoebe)! Libby is beautiful!

I like your shell. That's a nice pattern. I want to make a shell, too, after I finish up a few things. Like you said, Georgia can get really hot. (I live outside Atlanta.) Plus my wardrobe just needs some help! :)

Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

I really like your shell! Which issue of Phildar is it from? My email is mpeachATelcDOTnet.

Shelley said...

What a pretty shade of green that yarn is!

Maureen said...

I love the looks of the shell...it is a great shade of green. Awwww....can Libby come to visit?
Good job digging in the stash too :)

Bonne Marie said...

Libby definately has her priorities straight - I am stealing her moves this weekend...

Dig that Sock Heel - I am this close to trying a Toe Up myself - I have some neat Bumble Bee striped yarn that needs that circular target effect! :P

Rebekah said...

I love the color of your new shell, so bright and happy you couldn't be anything but in a good mood when you wear it.