Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I shopped, I bought yarn, I'm feeling much better!

Okay, I used my yarn shopping day for the month of April today. It was SO much fun, almost more fun than any other time I've gone yarn shopping! It started off with me having to take the Baby Girl to a friends house at the beach and after dropping her off thinking my favorite LYS wasn't too far away, I could just go hang out there for a couple of hours till I had to come back and get the Baby Girl. Well, I had a grand time, she wasn't as busy as usual, we talked about things only women in their "mid-life woe's" could think to talk about and then I looked around. I found the perfect summertime project and was thinking I'd only buy the pattern and nothing else. Well, that's the problem with most of my stash, there's not enough to do one whole project and when I found the exact yarn the pattern called for, well, you know, I just had to have it. Then, I found another pattern for summer that I loved and they had that yarn too, and in my favorite color - RED! So, they came home with me, plus 2 other patterns for vests that I think I have enough stash for and some stitch markers. It felt so good and I'm excited about starting. I swatched tonight on the way to the college for the Baby Girls tutoring (clarinet) and tomorrow I'll cast on. We have been running around thru this whole spring break week and tomorrow we're finally staying home so I can knit (and do laundry, pay some bills and fill out high school graduation invitations). We've been prom dress shopping (no luck yet, she's fussy), had my hair done, taken the granddaughter to a drs. appt. and took myself and the baby girl to the drs. So, I'm ready for a day at home to play catch up, cast on for my new shell and spend the day enjoying my new sunroom! YEA ME!

I'll take pictures of my new aquisition tomorrow when the sun comes up and show you the pretty colors and the fun looking patterns. Till then, here's Libby getting one of her daily hugs from the Squirt. Those two have become the best of buds.

Happy Knitting.


Maureen said...

Sounds like fun...can't wait to see what you bought. I might use my free day this weekend. It had been fun knitting from the stash. Love the picture of the "kids"

Rebekah said...

Sounds like a very fulfilling trip.

What a great picture.

DAWN said...

Thanks for the bonding moment on my blog about my "baby". I don't know what I'll do when #3 graduates. Yikes! Just found out that the older ones girlfriend got accepted to the same college:) Congrats on the great shopping day. Those are the best.

Catherine Kerth said...

hi! can't wait to see those pics! i love red too :) bloglines is showing me a different post than this one, and when i clicked to comment it wouldn't let me ;( so i am commenting on this one instead!