Monday, April 17, 2006

Hitting the Nail on the Head!

First, I hope everyone had a nice Easter, or weekend, whichever. We had a great time and the kids had a blast collecting all the Easter eggs. There were 103 hidden and only 101 found so they spent a good part of the afternoon scouring the yard for those 2! Kept them busy and never did find them. BTB will find it one of these days while out mowing the lawn, just like he did last year.

This is what we had for dinner

BTB got the grill from the Easter Bunny and then we bought 10 yummy Rib Eye steaks to cook on it. What a great job. See the little side burner on the right? That's got shrimp in it. Even the little ones love their shrimp! We didn't eat just shrimp and steak though, we had all the trimmings.

I still haven't found anything that makes me want to cast on. I don't like this! I can't remember a time when I just wasn't interested in anything. I also seem to have a problem with too much yarn, not enough yarn for one particular project and not enough patterns. I can't remember when the last time was I knit something from one of the knitting magazines and I very seldom like the sweaters, etc. in the books I've bought. Where do you all get your patterns? I can't buy yarn, remember? I'm doing the Yarn Focus Challenge, but I think I can buy patterns. I need a good sourse for some good patterns. Oh, and, um, I don't have a small enough chest for alot of them either. Jeesh! It's not like I'm Dolly Pardon or anything!

Okay, about the nail on the head. I was reading my blogs tonight and when I got to Sandy's I was speechless. She has put into words what I haven't been able to and said it so well! I tried reading it to the Baby Girl but of course, only got to about the 3rd sentance and couldn't continue (I'm having a bit of teary eyed trouble too) so my Baby Boy (who is home this week) finished reading it for me. Sandy, my heart goes out to you!

Here's to all the high school seniors out there in the world, and especially to the "baby high school seniors" that are entering their parents into the Empty Nest Syndrome!


Catherine Kerth said...

i reaaly don'r look forward to letting my kids go either....Sandy did say it perfect, and I hope when I reach the point she is at, I will do it with some style like she :)

love the socks nad dropped stitch scarf on the previous posts!

Sandysknitting said...

Okay, our mantra has to be
"We will be fine"
And we will. But tears must be shed! :) And we can do them together. Can you imagine? Moms of the days of yore did not have blogs to glean support groups? Heavens!
Your steak dinner sounds heavenly!