Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Goofed!

In yesterday's blog I mentioned that this was the LL yarn (Somerset) that I got at the yarn shop on Friday and I had already wound it on the ball winder. Well, I didn't wind it on the ball winder, my DGD did when she came over on Sunday. Shame on me! She loves winding my yarn for me and I let her at it. I have about 4 or 5 more balls that need wound and she's coming tonight to stay with me so guess what she wants to do? Yup, wind yarn. But, she doesn't call it winding yarn, she calls it "choking hanks." I told her they were called hanks when they came in a, um, a hank and she said "oh, so we're choking hanks?" and it stuck. So, this is the Lorna's Laces Sheppard sock yarn in Somerset that Lexie Pooh wound for me (or choked, however you want to look at it).

I painted 3 of my sunroom windows this morning, 2 more to go. I guess it's an age thing, or an out of shape thing, but 3 was all I could handle. The sunroom is bascially done but all the windows needed another coat of paint and since we finally got all of BTB tools out of here from when he remodeled the kitchen and laundry room, I decided to get the place liveable. I've been spending evenings out here and all afternoon and it's wonderful! The birds are all out there chirping, the sun beats in this room and we all just love it. Maybe pictures later this week if I remember. Took some today of the Gold Finches at my feeder. Wanna see?

Aren't they beautiful? They're getting brighter and brighter every day and are eating like PIGS! My Baby Boy went out and filled the feeders for me again this morning and we just filled them on Sunday.

I also have lots of cardinals (like in flocks, not like up North where we were excited to have a pair or 2), chickadees (and they're different looking than their Northern relatives), martins, a few bluejays, which is odd, I haven't seen too many of them since moving down south. Anyway, I've got lots of birds in the yard and they're very noisy. When I'm outside talking on the phone everyone knows I'm out there because they are very loud, or, they hear the train going by and that's even louder, and much more annoying.

Not much knitting today, although I did another few inches on my vest this morning. I'm thinking I'm not liking it much, the design doesn't show up as well as in the picture, but, I'll keep plugging along cause Christmas is coming and if I don't like it I know someone it'll fit that'll like it.

Happy Knitting


Shelley said...

I love the birds! We get gold finches at our feeders, though we haven't had many yet...still a little cool for them I think. The last year or so we haven't had as many birds as normal, and I think it's because the house behind us has taken to putting up one of those stupid plastic owls to scare the birds away...I'm not to please with that!

Shez75 said...

I've tried to write back a few times, Shelly, but can't find your e-mail address, so, I'll comment to your comment.
I love the birds. Never thought twice about them until a few years ago. My Grandmother is a big bird watching fan as are my parents, so I guess it's in my blood. The cardinals, chickadees and gold finches are my favorites. Put out the thistle, the gold finches love it, and I never knew I had them till my parents got me a thistle sock, now I have them in droves.
I wouldn't like the neighbors idea of a plastic owl either!
Thanks for all your comments.

Maureen said...

Hi Sheri,
I enjoyed chatting with you the other night. What gorgeous sock yarn (actually of of the yarn you posted is great). I enjoyed looking around your blog.