Monday, March 27, 2006

More Yarn!?


This is my newest yarn aquisition. It's really hard getting the colors right, even with the sunshine, but they are yum.

BTB and I went to River Street on Friday for lunch and we walked (yes WALKED) to my favorite LYS in the Historic Distric , about 4 or 5 blocks away. It was such a great day for walking and when we walked to the yarn shop, well, it made the day perfect. I didn't really need anything, but wanted to look to see if she still had Lorna's Laces sock yarn, and she did! That's the multi colored yarn you see that I've already wound on the ball winder. It's called Somerset and I can't wait to start on a pair of socks with it. I love the colors, although this picture doesn't really show just how pretty it is. BTB picked them out for me, said the color made him think of me. Awwww

The top hank of yarn is the Berrocco Denim Silk I got on sale at my other favorite LYS. I got 8 skeins on sale and am on the lookout for a vest or short sleeve pattern. Can't resist a good sale!

The pink, which doesn't show up well at all, is another bargain I got last week. It's evita, from Zitron, and although I'd never heard of it, it was such a pretty, pale shade of pink and 1/2 off, I couldn't resist it. I have 7 skeins of this one. It has a tiny little strand of a clear, or maybe light silver running thru it.

And today, I got this in the mail. It's a skein of Socks that Rock from Blue Moon. The color is called Carbon Dating. It goes from a teal blue, to a dark grey to a greensih, then yellow/green, to maroon to a dark grey again. It is so pretty. I think I've caught the sock bug! And I could never understand why everyone made socks. After finishing my Jaywalker socks and actually wearing them, I now know why you all knit socks. They are so comfie!

I got a lot done on my Embossed Leaves Sock this weekend and turned the heel and am now working my way to the toes. It's a fun pattern, and doesn't bore me to tears, but I'm wondering what all those "embossed leaves" are going to feel like with shoes on. I'm like the Princess and the Pea. I am really fussy about my socks and how they feel. Stay tuned, I'll let you know.

I also finished the left front of my Latigo vest and have about 4 inches done on the right front. I'll try to get pictures of it later this week, but right now I have bacon cooking for supper. Guess what we're having? BLT's of course! It's Monday, I've had a busy weekend, I did alot of housework today and laundry and there's nothing better than BLT's on a busy Monday. Oh, and BTB loves BLT's!

Happy Knitting


Mouse said...

That STR looks so much nicer than the website picture.. Can't wait to see how it knits up!

Shelley said...

Your yarns look so lovely! Since I started knitting socks this past January, I too have caught the sock knitting bug! I have even just about finished my first pair of baby socks too!

Catherine Kerth said...

carbon dating is a color i want too! i just got marbles from STR in the mail today ;) it was b/w those and i just had to get the colorway marbles :) i love your lorna laces! and i can't wait to see all those projects that are on the needles! i think the wmbossed socks wil be okay? never know...?