Monday, April 03, 2006

Busy Weekend and a Sock

Friday night was Jazz Night at the Baby Girls school. It's really a fun night, with dining and dancing while the Jazz band plays on stage. Even candleobra's on each table, and of course we got to hear our Baby Girl playing the Saxaphone all evening. Oh, and BTB and I danced, lots, and it was F...U....N!!

Saturday we gathered up all the kids, grandkids and friends of the kids and grandkids and took them all to the big city to walk thru River Street and the squares. We had a great lunch and looked at all the venders stuff. It was First Weekend so there was lots of arts and crafts. I bought the girls and I a toe ring, all one piece, no pinching it to make it fit and I love mine! I think the girls like theirs too, although they like Sterling and I got gold.

Yesterday I spent the day washing windows and knitting and trying REALLY hard to figure out how to change things on my blog, but, as you can see, that didn't work. I gave up after a few hours. I just don't get the HTML stuff, so I put it away and knit.

I finished the first Embossed Leaves Sock on Thursday and started the second one last night. Still have a few inches on my vest, but it's getting there. I'm not sure if I'm tired of knitting (can't imagine that) or just tired of knitting the same ole stuff. I don't really feel like knitting lace, but I have a few projects I really want to start, so I'm just wasting time reading about knitting, what everyone else is knitting and trying to finish the second sock. There's a few other's I'd like to make, but I'm trying to make myself wait till these are finished. Hard!

Here's Squirt, the new kitten in our lives, thinking that the pool is her very large water bowl. Yes, she has fallen in, twice, but, it doesn't faze her at all. Wouldn't be surprised if we have a Squirt swimming with us when we're in there.

Happy Knitting!


Robbyn said...

YOur sock is gorgeous! And Squirt is just as cute as can be - some cats do seem to like the water :)

Catherine Kerth said...

i love the embossed sock! i want to make some of those too :) it has been so warm it texas i can't wait to jump in the pool this summer!

Rebekah said...

Funny about the kitty, we had one cat who loved water, but I don't think even STatic would have gotten into a swimming pool.