Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Great Weekend and Biggest Yarn Aquisition Yet!

I went to my Baby Boys for the weekend up near Atlanta and had a BLAST! First stop, before we even got to his apartment? The Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville. They had alot of yarns I hadn't seen "in person" before and several marked down to make room for the new spring colors. I think I almost emptied out their sale bin. After 2 hours in there we went to his place and I couldn't wait to dig into it all and see what I got.

This is the whole stash. Yum! Patterns, yarn, needles, even 2 crochet hooks!

Alpaca from Big Sky SWTC 100% Cotton Worsted Beyond in DK weight

I took several other pictures but blogger is too slow so I'll save them for another day.

Happy Knitting!


traveling knitter said...

Beautiful haul! I usually knit while blogger is uploading pics! ;)

Sarah said...

Great Yarn acquisition!

I am envious.

Sarah said...

Nice stash! What a sweet son you have to take you to a yarn store first thing when you arrive in town :)

Shelley said...

Lucky you to get those yarns! I'll bookmark your site and come back and visit again!

Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

Catherine of Knittin' Notes sent some of us over to visit your blog. Your new yarn looks beautiful. Judging from the FOs in your other posts, the yarn will soon be turned into beautiful things. I agree about finishing sweaters. It's a lot more fun to knit them than to put them together. Right now I am finishing up some felted flowers. All those details required to make a finished project look good can be demanding. Anyway, come visit me at