Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sewing Sweaters Together

isn't much fun! Here's the low tech sweater I made during out trip up north at Christmas. It's been done awhile but sewing it all together takes forever, only because I don't really enjoy it, and I'm not real good at it. This is it blocking. I've gotten the sides, sleeves and the button hole band done but now have to do the other front band and the neck. I didn't want the hood so will figure out how to do either a collar or maybe just finish it with some seed stitch - which is what I did on the ribbing, sleeves and button bands.

I did a pair of Jaywalker socks. Hey, this is an accomplishment because I usually don't enjoy doing socks and I never get the second one done. After reading several blogs I came to the conclusion that you have to cast on for the second sock as soon as you finish the first. So, 2 Jaywalker socks in less than 2 weeks. They've been washed and are now drying. Not sure if I'll wear them, but they sure are pretty. I used Lorna's Laces yarn, but I've had it for a long time and have no idea of the stats.

My grandkids came over last Sunday and since it was about 70 we spent most of the day outside. They decided to make "Yard Pies" out of anything they could find in the yard and put them in my plant saucers. We have mud, pecans, flowers from the camelia trees, some twigs - all in all, very "delicious" pies. Their brother spent the day picking up sticks for his Grandfather and since it included using his wheel barrow, he was in his glory. I'm ready for spring, these 70 degree days are a tease!

I'm heading to Atlanta for a long weekend with my Baby Boy and a good friend that moved up there a little over a year ago. Our first stop? The Yarn Garden Yarn shop in Lawrenceville! I love that place and have only been able to go once. BTB took me back but it was a Monday and they're closed on Monday, so tonight I get to do double damage! Watch for yarn aquisitions next week!

Have a great weekend and happy knitting.


margene said...

The idea of yard pies is just to wonderful. I love the way they have made them look so pretty, too. I wonder how they taste? ;-)

Catherine Kerth said...

hi! i was searching yahoo for jaywalker socks to see finished pairs and yours look fabulous! i am using lornas laces and i am finishing up the gusset for the first sock... i enjoyed reading your blog too!

traveling knitter said...

Beautiful Jaywalkers! Can't wait to make some of my own! :)