Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wow! I had Comments!

First, I'd like to thank Catherine at for all her wonderful comments about my blog and sending some folks this way to read it. WOW! I've never had that many comments in a month, never mind in one day. Thank you so much Catherine, you sure made my day!

This is my granddaughter having her first knitting lesson! She has always been the one that could sit next to me while I was knitting and watch for hours. Last time we got out the knitting bag (I gave her her very own) she had about 6 inches done on it. It's a little wonky, but it's pretty good for a first try. It made for a very quiet Sunday afternoon. Her sister gave it a try too, but I think her patience level is much lower than her little sisters, so we'll give it awhile and then see if she wants to pick it up again.

This is Squirt. About 5 or 6 weeks ago she just showed up on our deck while my Baby Boy and I were out there talking. She wasn't more than a couple of weeks old and so adorable, and hungry and dirty, so of course we all fell in love and she's now part of the family. It took a long time to come up with a name but my Baby Boy kept calling her Squirt (which he calls everything smaller than him) and it stuck. So, this is Squirt, a very long haired kitty. We also have Morris and Bear, our 9 year old cats and of course, Libby and Maggi. So, our animal population is really crazy, but they're all worth the trouble and the ton of food it seems like I'm always buying.

On the knitting scene I'm still working on the vest in the Knitters Magazine (summer 2005). I'm using Berroco Softwist I got on sale several summers ago and it's really looking good but I get bored easy so have been working on other things. I started a Teddy Bear this morning for the collection that Wendy ( mentions on her blog for Phyl. I have enough acrylic yarn to make a truck load but I think I'll make one or two for now. I also finished this scarf for a friend of mine that I'm hoping to send up to her one of these days. She loves scarves but this one came out kind of wide so she might have to save it for winter weather. It's done in a variegated lace weight fuzzy yarn and Knit Picks Shimmer in Lilac, so it's as light as a breeze.

Hope you all have a great weekend and a fun St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to have corned beef and cabbage sometime this weekend! We're having ours on Monday so the Baby Boy can share in the feast with us.


Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

I have a granddaughter who knits too. Well, really 2 granddaughters, but one is more into it that the other. They are 5 year old twins. Their mom is a knitting fanatic who is about to open a yarn shop in Katy, TX.

Thanks for you comment on my blog. I don't know how to respond via email to the emailed comments that I get. It seems others can, but I am not savvy enough to get that going.

In answer to your question, I don't know what I am going to make with my handpaint yarn. I won it from another blogger. She sent along a pattern, but it is for a tank top, not really appropriate for a 60 year old grandma. Before I can start anything else I do have to finish the baby blanket that is currently on the needles. And I owe my grandson a cardigan.

Shelley said...

Isn't it great to get comments? I love getting them myself, though I don't usually get too many. I think the most I've had is maybe 10, and that is when I finish a project.

My mom's birthday is St. Patrick's Day, but we don't have corned beef and cabbage...just a little gross for me lol.

Catherine Kerth said...

ummmmm, cornbeef and cabage... i am drooling just thinking about it! whoo hoo! getting another knitter in the world! yeah! very cute kitty! i like fluffy cats the best...

Debi said...

Thanks for YOUR lovely comment!! It makes me so happy to know others enjoy my blog :)

Pumpkin says HI to your menagerie, LOL!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Your granddaughter is adorable. The kitty is so cute, too.

We have lots of animals at our house, too. : )

Have a wonderful weekend!


candsmom said...

Hi! I hopped over on advice from Catherine over at Knittin' Notes and I'm so glad I did! You have such a nice blog! Your granddaughter is adorable and I think it's wonderful that she's learning to knit. My daughter is 2 years old and I can't wait till she's old enough to give knitting a whirl. ;-) Squirt is such a cutie! Such beautiful fur. Looks like you acquired some great yarn at your LYS last weekend! Can't wait to see the beautiful things you make with it. I'll be visiting again... take care! :-)

Diane said...

I will leave a comment that you'll be shocked by. We have a PUG and I love to knit too. Our pug is black and her name is Pepper Ann. My father gave her to my daughter on her 13th birthday. My Dad has 3 pugs that they treat better then some kids.

Anonymous said...

Love the granddaughter picture (but I am partial)
She needs another knitting needles by the way, I accidentally threw hers away. LONG STORY! But it's gone.
This is fun reading your blog.... can't wait till I am all hooked back up at home so I can bug you all the time on here. And maybe even get some "scrappy" pictures to go back with your "knitting". Love you Mom. I'm so proud of all your knitting accomplishments and your blog! You rock!!!!!