Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Disney Hangover!

What a fun vacation! Every year I think my feet are going to fall off but the Builder and I have such a good time at Disney World. This year we were pretty much on our own as our Baby Girl took her friend so they did their own thing each day. It was a much more relaxing trip for us because we didn't have to rush into the park at opening (the kids always love doing that) and we could have a relaxing morning (knit a little) and then go to the park around noon and stay till they closed. We only went into Epcot and MGM this year. We were busy every single day though and put on about 8 miles a day (I took my podometer). Thanksgiving was nice and shopping afterwards at Downtown Disney was great fun! It's good to be home but going to take the rest of this week to recover from my "Disney Hangover."

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