Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rogue, Cactus and Disney World

Here's my Rogue. I just love this sweater and can't wait till I can wear it! I'm not too good about making sweaters, 1st because they take so long and because I get so bored so fast. But, this one is different. Working in the round, doing both back and front at the same time is so quick! And, doing the cables up both sides keeps it interesting. I've just divided for the front and back, though I'm not sure why I ended up with a weird stitch on either side of the bind off. Anywho, it's coming along. Might be able to wear it by Christmas if the sleeves don't put me to sleep.

This is my Christmas Cactus, but I'm wondering if it's a Thanksgiving Cactus as it's full of buds. This is a first for me! My Mom keeps starting them for me and then slowly they die. With this one I followed her instructions to the letter and it is full of the prettiest pink buds. So, if you are a killer of Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter Cactus like me, this is what you do. After it's thru blooming put it in a dark corner and when it gets warm enough outside (not freezing at night) put it out under a bush, or tree, forget about it, and it'll be ready to come in in the fall. Well, that's just what I did and it worked! I asked her for a peice of her white one so she's started it for me. Maybe I'll have good luck with that one too. White against that dark green is just so stunning. I can't wait till this one is in full bloom! Thanks Mom! I'll try not to kill the white one!

Off to Disney for our annual Thanksgiving vacation with Mickey. The hubby loves the place, the Baby Girl is taking a friend this year and sleeping in a tent instead of the camper and I just look forward to all the good food (we eat in Germany at Epcot) and have my spa manicure and pedicure at the Grand Floridian! Clothes are almost packed and we're just counting down the days! This is the first year in a long time my Oldest Baby Girl and her 3 little ones won't be going and my Baby Boy won't be going, but they're all going to their Grandma and Grandpa's so I'm sure they'll be well fed and well taken care of. We'll miss them, but they're all so busy I'm sure they won't even notice we're gone.

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