Thursday, July 28, 2005

Still no Laptop - how sad!

Dell is sending someone to pick it up on Monday, so that means I won't have it back until atleast Friday or the following Monday. Guess I'll have to put the picture program in this computer, though I hate too. I have so many pictures on this computer now it's going to start spitting them out at me!

Took my 3 grandkids school shopping yesterday and boy! 3 kids can shop! We bought jeans, shirts, underware, socks, shoes and bookbags! They are so funny shopping, when they get tired of it and you ask if they like this they say "yeah, just get it." We had fun, spend 12 hours on our feet and then my oldest granddaughter and I went to my Baby Girls band camp at the school to watch the Womanless Beautyless Padgent. Talk about hilarious! Never saw such "adorable" guys in my life. Got lots of pictures, but..........

So, today oldest granddaughter and I are going to be crafty. She got a new binder for school we're going to decorate and a new tote bag for her baby doll stuff we're going to paint. So, I'm off to play.

Knitting? Well, still working on my lace shawl and my clapotis. They're slow, there's over 800 stitches on the shawl now and 3 rows are plain knit, so it's taking awhile. Hope to finish it in the next week or so. Started a Harry Potter scarf for my Baby Girl this morning, but that's my "I don't want to think" knitting.

Have a great summer - or, what's left of it. Mine ends a week from Monday and it was TOO DAMN SHORT!

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