Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was actually yesterday, but I was so busy fighting traffic I didn't have a chance to blog. I also went yarn shopping and bought myself some birthday presents. I bought LOTS of yarn at my favorite LYS. Still no laptop so no pictures (how boring is a blog with no pictures?)

My sweetheart of a husband bought me something I never thought he'd spend the money on! I've wanted a Rachel Ray knife since I started watching her and that's what I got! My baby girl got me a fancy new wisk (yeah, I know, but I just got my new kitchen all done) and my oldest baby girl and her 3 little ones made me the cutest cards! They're more like pictures and I'll save them forever. Haven't heard from my baby boy yet, but the baby girl spends so much time on the phone he wouldn't have gotten thru anyway! He'll remember sometime or other. My parents gave me the cutest little green wagon for my new "almost done" sunroom, which I put a plant in. So, it was a good birthday, I just wish they'd stop coming so fast!

So, now I'm off to get things ready for 20+ kids that my baby girl is bringing home with her tonight after Leadership Camp. All 20+ are band officers. Sounds like my usually quiet neighborhood might get a little noisy tonight!

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating on July 19th! And, to all the rest of you July babies out there.

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