Thursday, February 02, 2012


Another several months goes by and my blog is empty. I guess I'm not real good at this kind of thing, I've never been any good at journeling/keeping a diary either. I am going to try something new here, see if I can keep up. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs so I need to give you all something in return besides a blank page (or the same page for months.)

I have lots and lots of UFO's in my stash closet. It's time to either finish them or RIP them out and use the yarn for something else. Starting today I'm going to be posting on Thursdays, working on my UFO's and blogging about how many rows I've accomplished or what I've managed to finish. I have to quit starting every pretty thing I see on Ravelry, it's making me just plumb crazy!~

Another problem I have is the computers. I have a big computer (this one) in my yarn room/Alex's room with the printer, I have a laptop with a printer I keep in my sunroom, a mini laptop for while I'm in the living room and my smartpphone (which isn't so smart cause half the time it's not working) and I always take pictures with the smartphone-cellphone. So, when I go to blog I quit before I start because the pictures are in my phone, not in my computers. Yes, I could put the little smartcard in the computer, but that's more trouble than it's worth and the stupid phone has so many issues I don't dare mess with that little card in the back. I've just found the Mobile Version of Blogger, so I'm going to attempt to download it onto my 'not-so-smart phone' and upload pictures from there, or if that doesn't work I'll send all knitting related pictures to my e-mail, open them on ONLY this computer on Thursdays, and blog. Sometimes having too much of something isn't a good thing. Thursdays are UFO, blogging days starting today.........................

My first UFO to finish up will be Alex's Owl. She was supposed to get it for Christmas, but, she came and spent 6 weeks with us at Christmas and there was no time for knitting Owls. This is Hedwig, a snowy white owl that lives in Hogwarts, home of Harry Potter's school of Wizardry. We are taking Alex and Lucas, her husband, to Hogwarts in March. We always promised to take her when they opened it. Who knew it would be 10 years after she started reading the books?  Hedwig Ravelry Page

He only needs two eyes and a nose and he'll be done. Until next Thursday, and hopefully an FO, have a great week and lets hope this works! I need a new plan for 2012 and something to enjoy and look forward to, and I'm hoping this is one of them.

Happy Knitting!


stringplay said...

Lovely. Owls are so popular now and I really like them. I have seen a few of these on Ravely and everyone has said how much fun they are to make. Post whenever you feel like it It's YOUR blog after all.

Beth said...

So cute! I need to be finishing up a hat for my daughter, too.