Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kitty toys and Beach Hats

I guess a month is how long it takes me to think of something to blog about. I knit just about non-stop but never think to put stuff on here, or I forget to take pictures.

This is my new summer beach hat. I've had this yarn forever and finally decided to just sit down and make something with it. I have one more skein left so might make a bag to match.It's really cute, quick and fits great, and I'm not much of a hat person. In the south you need to wear a hat or have an umbrella. This is 100% cotton.

This little thing is for my new "Grandkitty." My youngest got her as soon as she went back to her new apartment after the holidays. I figured on a college budget she might need some kitty toys. Sometimes having a knitter around comes in handy.
My husband and I just spent 2 weeks in the middle of the state. Now, this is the state of Georgia, where it's usually starting to get warm this time of year. My husband was going to do some work on my friends house. I ended up making him a hat, the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf I had started and he wore the pair of mitts I brought for myself to wear because it was so cold. We woke up one morning to 11 degree's with the wind chill. He sure was happy to have a knitter around. Now he wants a scarf and "manly" mitts. Okay, I can do that, but........

Everything I seem to try, start, or work on is boring, or I'm tired of doing the same type of thing. I think maybe it's time to take a break from knitting but then I wake up, look at Ravelry and find something else to start. Time to find something and stick with it or put it all away and take a break. Gosh, that doesn't happen very often.

So, until next time, whenever that is,

Happy Knitting!


Mary said...

Maybe some dishcloths/washcloths in different stitch patterns that you've never tried will spark your interest.

stringplay said...

Sheri, Great looking hat. I'm not much of a hat person either. I always feel too self-conscious. I think short, quick projects are the cure for the temporary lack of interest. The cat toy for instance. It will come back. In the meantime looking at patterns and reading about techniques might be an idea.