Thursday, February 04, 2010

Talkative Today, But Lots to Share

I think I've shown this before but I re-blocked it and "stretched" it to fit me and for around the house I like it. I'm not thrilled about the itchy yarn (Nashua Vignette), but I just wear a long sleeve shirt under it. This is from the book Folk Vests. I love the patterns in that book but won't make anything with this yarn again, and I have a lot left!

This sweater was so much fun to knit and my first ever steeked front, but, like all good things, it must come to an end. Good thing my Mom doesn't have Blogger (hey, but they do finally have a computer). She loves this sweater and is always asking me "is it done yet." But, somewhere along the way I screwed up the sleeves and they're so tight along the ribbing it's very uncomfortable and I am not at all happy with the way the ribbing along the button band came out, or the neck band, so I'm thinking it's going to get ripped out. I was going to give it to my Mom as a surprise but if it won't fit me right it won't fit her, we're almost identical in size/height. Soooo, still thinking about this one. You might end up seeing it again in the future, rolled into balls.
I love this picture of it. That pattern was really fun to do and the yarn is so much fun, but, it's itchy. I live in the deep south, I don't do itchy!
This is the Tudora Cowl. I didn't like the asymmetrical way it goes so I gave it to my Baby Girl, who loves it and told me that everyone in Europe wears things like this. What do I know, I've never left America. Not sure I want to right away either. Anyway, it was fun to knit and I love the button she picked out for it. I used Louisa Harding's Kashmir Aran yarn. Now, that's some nice, squishy yarn for next to your skin! Oh, and that's Santa waving to you. Two more skeins down.
This is my oldest grand. She is a trip! She stayed with me last weekend and everything I've made over the past few weeks I told her to go through and see if there was anything she wanted. She decided to put it all on at once. LOL That's a little head scarf with cables and I made it too long, so no-one wants that, but I do love the lavender color. The red scarf around her neck I didn't even make, it was just in the pile of scarves, but there is another one I did make, under it. Um, she didn't go home with anything either.
Isn't she adorable? Such a nut. This is the My Kind of Town Cowl made with some soft, squishy Alpaca yarn that my Baby Girl gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It's Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande. I had just 1 skein for this cowl and I love wearing it when it's chilly, even in the house. I just wear them like a necklace. It's not like it's ever cold enough in Southeast Georgia for knitted cowls/hats/mittens/gloves/sweaters/scarves, but I keep on knitting them.

This picture very dark but it's the best I have. When I went to visit my son in January he asked me, YES, HE ASKED ME, if I could make him a hat that would come way down over his ears. He works outside every once in awhile installing the signs on glass doors, windows, whatever, and it does get a little chilly up there near Atlanta. We went right to Michael's and bought some yarn and here he is, modeling his new crocheted hat by his Mommy! Made my day. I would like to make him one of the hats like Jared did, but I think I'm losing my knitting Mojo and just can't get in to anything, though I've tried and I have stuff everywhere that only have a few rows done. But, some day Nick, I'll make you a real knitted hat. :o) If you click on it maybe you can see it better (and him).
Another one that wanted to try out my Green Cowl (My Kind of Town Cowl).
My Mustard Scarf. Fast, fun, quick, did I say fast? I love, love, love it and it's made with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran and is going to get a lot of use. This one is a keeper, even if just to look at. Size 15 needles means FAST! Two more hanks from the stash gone. Only about 4000 more to go.

Artistic I'm not, but I love this picture. My needles, label and a finished object. Love it!
Hopefully most of you know this, but tomorrow, February 5th is the 7th annual Wear Red for Women Day by the American Heart Association. Heart disease/heart attacks are the #1 killer of women and we need to get the word out there. So, do your heart a favor. Wear RED tomorrow for all the women in your life, including yourself. Wear a RED scarf, RED shoes, carry a purse, but have something on you that's RED for all of those who suffer through this horrible disease/illness. And I pray it will never be you.
Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your projects! I was in to see my cardiologist last week and noticed he was wearing a red dress pin on his lab coat. :)

stringplay said...

You are really getting lots done lately. Sorry it isn't all to your liking. The vest looks so nice that I'm really sorry you don't like the yarn. But you'd have to wear something UNDER it anyway, right?
Don't make any rash decisions about ripping until you've had a chance to relax and think it over well.