Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where's Center?

My list is getting smaller. The little sweater that I made for my friends baby just fit him so we decided it should be a little bigger. Tore it out during Wed night church service and will make another, bigger.

Something really strange happened to the Ene Scarf. Never happened before, hope it never happens again but I really don't know what happened! I was knitting away but kept thinking "there seems to be more stitches on the left than there are on the right of the center marker." Well, instead of stopping and just looking I just kept right on knitting. Who has time to count when you only have so much time to knit in the first place. Well, yesterday I counted.

See how many stitches/markers are on the right side (backwards from what I said above)? See how many on the left?

Here's center. It was way over on the side, not in the middle. Now what do you suppose I did? I can't figure it out. No clue. Just kept happily knitting along! I had 18 pattern repeats on one side and 27 on the other. Did I turn too soon? Fall asleep at the circulars? What?
Then I got mad. Know what happens when I get mad at my knitting? It goes back to the cake state and gets put away. This is the 3rd thing I've tried to make with this yarn and I think it's jinxed. It's staying in the yarn closet for a long, long time now!
Remember poor Ruby? Her tail light? BTB fixed her all up and she's now happy as can be. She'd love a bath to get rid of the pollen that's all over her, but she's really happy with her new "lens." Bath this week now that we don't have to worry about any shorts. Poor Ruby!
Another new lamb for the collection. This is actually bigger than the one I posted about in my last post. I really didn't want to get it cause, well, you can only have so many lambs, but I just couldn't pass her up. She was just sitting there waiting to go home with me and meet the rest of the Scrappy Knitter Lambies. She's very happy here.
The Baby Girl is back in school, happily eating everything in sight, singing and enjoying life. She has had to give up so much with this thing. Her clarinet, singing, things you just don't think about being connected to your jaw. Now we just need to wait for her body to heal from it all and then maybe everything will be back to normal. She sure was a happy kid when she could belt out those church songs! I hope she sings forever, she has a voice like no other.

Happy Knitting!


stringplay said...

First: Hooray for Baby Girl. Glad she's all better. Second: Hip, hip hooray for Ruby!! I know you are much happier because both are better.

And I completely believe in Jinxed yarn. SO sorry about Ene. It was looking SO good, too!

Beth said...

I'm so sorry about Ene! She looked so beautiful, too. I would have done the same thing, though.