Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19th, 1957

That was a good year! That was 50 years ago today. I am so glad that I'm here to share my 50th birthday with the world. I guess you could say I almost didn't make it, but, almost doesn't count. I'm here, that's the best part of this day.

My super wonderful kids had a surprise party for me on Saturday. The oldest daughter was supposed to be out of town and BTB and I had to go up and feed our grandkittens and our new grand guinea pig. Guess what? We forgot the house key. The oldest daughter had to let us in anyway. THAT was a surprise!

There were bunches of people standing in her kitchen, all around the table, including our Baby Boy, the Baby Girl and friends. The oldest said "the rest of your present is in the backyard" so I went to her backdoor and opened it and OH MY GOD! Her backyard was even more full of people than her kitchen was. What a great day. My parents were there, there bests friends were there, my good friend from the Atlanta area was there with her daughter and grandson, the Minister from the church the Baby Girl goes to was there with his daughter and granddaughter, there were so many people! I was speechless.

We had Chinese food and good old American food - hamburgers and hotdogs. And, my Mom's neighbor, who is also a friend of ours, made my birthday cake. Chocolate Cake people! With white frosting. THE BEST KIND OF CAKE!

And this folks is what BTB gave me! It's very special cause the ruby is actually shaped like a heart and BTB is very sentimental now about my heart. This one is perfect, as is BTB. What an amazing 50th Birthday! Thanks everyone, you made me feel very loved, very special and not so old.
And here's some more, just cause I know you want to see them. This is my newest Nantucket Basket my father made for me. I now have either 5 or 6! I've already put the Kauni yarn in it. That's last years MS2 behind it.
Coffee syrup and Dels. Do you know what that is? It's good! Came from RI. That's the lamb the Baby Girl gave me.
A huge bucket of Del's. This is from my Baby Boy. I'm going to make BTB and I one of these tonight. If I remember I'll take a picture. YUMMY!
This is from my parents. It's a Jim Shore lamb. Isn't it awesome? And Mom quilts, so I'll always remember it was from them.
This is from the Baby Girls best friend/roommate and is called the Liberty Pug. How cute is this? And it looks just like my Liberty.

I was going to post about my knitting tragedy's but this has been so much fun putting together I've decided they can wait, or maybe just get lost in the shuffle. I had pictures but haven't downloaded them yet. I've had to tear out almost 50 rows of my MS3 stole. After admiring several in blogland I realized I had a mistake way back down in the middle of chart 2. It's torn out and I'm now in the process of getting all the stitches back on the needles and figuring out where I am in the charts. Kauni had the same fate but only 7 rows had to be torn out. I only had one row in a box instead of 2 for some reason. That's all back together and those 7 rows have been reknit and knit right. That's what I've spent my 50th birthday doing, while watching movies with BTB, who took half the day off to spend with his bride.

Headed to the Mountains Saturday to spend a few weeks with my parents and to celebrate Mom's and my birthdays. She'll be 70 the 25th (she'd kill me for saying that in public) so we're spending our milestones together. If 50 is the new 30, 70 must be the new 50, right? Sounds right to me.

Happy Knitting everyone and I'll be back sometime in August.


Beth said...

What a special party! I hope you have a wonderful time in the mountains. :)

Kathy said...

Hey - sorry I missed your birthday. Sounds like you had a fantastic one!

Enjoy your trip!

Diana said...

Happy very belated birthday from Diana and the pugsters at Chez Pug. You share the 19th with my younger daughter--a very special day indeed.