Monday, July 16, 2007

I Cried, I Screamed, I danced!

Thursday, July 19th, is a special day for me. My kids (and husband) had a party. Some bloggers found out and sent stuff. I was overwhelmed! I've never been given so many great gifts from online friends. You guys rock!

Catherine dyed yarn just for me! I cried.
Beth sent a tissue holder for my purse. I screamed!
Today in the mail Susan sent me my very own school supplies/knitting equipment! I danced.

I cannot tell you guys how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I can't even think of words to say to you but hugs, kisses and all good wishes to you from me!

Happy Knitting! Update again on Thursday when I show you the rest of the goodies.


Susan said...

I must give kudos to the USPS. I just mailed that on Saturday! I'm so glad it made you dance *G* And I'm wishing you a bazillion trillion good things too.

Beth said...

Happy "special day," Sheri! :) I'm glad you had a good time and liked your gifts.

Catherine Kerth said...

i'm glad you like it! i was so pleased that your daughter included all of us... i jumped at the chance to send you a little something ;)