Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roses, Candy and Knitting

Welcome back to the Scrappy Knitter! I've been hibernating so haven't blogged in forever!

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you get one of these? I found this one in my cocoa mug this morning when I went into the kitchen and, I found this one........along with the bag of "Love Hearts" next to my computer in the sunroom. Yup, I'm loved!

I've been knitting. I started a Norwegian sweater that has been kicking my backside so for easy knitting I started the sock tutorial at I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can. I love making socks with big needles and big sock yarn. I've got all this done already and just started yesterday morning! Oops , that's a blurry picture.I've also finished my Chinese Vest from Folk Vests but still have to do the button band and armholes. I don't enjoy this part of knitting so I take forever to do this little stuff. I think I've decided I like a challenging knit and ribbing or seed stitch isn't real challenging, just needed to wear the thing! Here's a picture of it when it was still in progressIt's a dark picture but you can see the pattern, which I love. This was great knitting for the trip to Key West, I didn't have to think too much.

I will leave you for now with a picture of a Key West Sunrise! That was a sad day, I loved it down there and we left early enough to see the sun coming up while crossing the 7 mile bridge. And, we headed to Kissimmee for 3 days and you all know what happened just a few miles from there that week and we slept thru the whole thing!

I'll try not to wait so long for the next post and will have pictures of my Norwegian sweater for you.
Happy Knitting!


Cookie said...

Welcome back!

Beth said...

I'm glad you blogged. I've been wondering if you were back. You've been knitting up a storm!

Anonymous said...

Hey now, I gave you a Valentine too! No Valentine's for me this year. :0( Oh well, it's been crazy huh!
Hope you liked the candy from the 'Boro.
The Oldest