Sunday, February 18, 2007

Comments and Dale of Norway

I wanted to pop in here and let everyone know, I'm reading your blogs I just can't seem to leave a comment for some reason. So, don't think I'm not reading them. I'm trying to figure it out so don't disown me yet.

This is the sweater I'm working on. This picture was taken in Norway at Disneyworld last week on our vacation and I couldn't believe my eyes. These are actual Dale of Norway sweaters. I bought the same patterns a few weeks before our trip. When BTB saw these he wanted to know why I didn't make one. Told him I had the pattern, just had to get the yarn. The yarn was ordered as soon as we got back home. When mine is finished guess who wants one? I'm doing mine in white with the black contrast. After seeing the price on these in the picture, it makes me very happy that I'm a knitter! The buttons I ordered are even the exact same ones on these in Norway/Disney. I'm loving it but I'm not too sure about the charts. It's not lining up quite right, no matter how many times I redo it, but it's loads of fun watching the patterns take shape. I'll show pictures of mine soon.

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

Your sweater will be beautiful!

I've been having trouble posting on some blogs lately, too. Strange.

Susan said...

Oh that's gorgeous! I can't imagine being able to read the chart LOL. And glad to know that you haven't deserted me LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice sweater, when will it ever be cold enough?
Love ya Mom,
The oldest