Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Swap Gift

I'm not a photographer, although I always wished I were, but here's a picture of the pile of gorgeous Christmas gifts my Christmas Swap partner, Kathy, sent to me. I just wish I could have gotten a better shot. In the background is the cutest, silkiest scarf with my favorite Christmas collectibles, Snowmen, on it and Merry Christmas written on it. Then, to the right are some chocolate covered spoons! The Baby Girl and I dug into this package FAST! Kathy made the handbag in the center and it's lined in the softest, silkiest fabric and she put a little Ginger Bread pin on the front. You can't see the button too well - told you I was a terrible photographer. The little purple silk bag had Kathy's handmade earrings in it and 2 bracelets and a necklace. I wore the necklace the night the package arrived. It's the one hanging from the left corner of the bag. Kathy I can't thank you enough for such a terrific gift. I love each and every item you sent me and will cherish them as my first ever swap gifts. Thank you!
This is a Hermione mitten that I made for the Baby Girl cause she's freezing walking to classes in this very unseasonably freezing Georgia weather. Well, she came home for Thanksgiving, said she loved the mitten but she doesn't have anything purple, could I make some red ones to go with the scarf she also asked me to make? Well, the scarf is trying to get done but the mittens are going to have to wait cause I've got to get some stuff off the needles so I can quit thinking about them. But, this is a fun mitten to make and only took 2 nights. Next time around I'll do it without the bobbles, they're just not my style.

The only good thing that came out of this heart attack business is the gorgeous flowers I've gotten. I've never owned a Poinsettia before and this one came from our friends and I got another one just like it from my parents. There's actually 2 plants in that basket. See the little flowers getting ready to burst open in that bottom right leaf? Beautiful. The cut flowers above are from my good friend who lives in Atlanta and gave me heck for having the heart attack. She's a year older than me and like me, couldn't believe it when she got the call. I also got another cut flower arrangement in a basket from my daughters roommates family. So, I'm feeling a little special.

Thanks for all the well wishes that you've all left in my comments. It's so nice to hear from you all. I'm feeling better but hate this sitting around stuff. My exercise is walking for 5 mintues twice a day and the rest of the time I'm to take it easy. BTB is making darn sure of that so when I think I'm going to sneak in a minute of something besides sitting he gets after me. So, back to my perch I go. I'm starting to knit a little but dang, I just can't concentrate. It's kind of hard to count rows when your brain is still trying to figure out why you had a heart attack at 49 and you read all the stuff about the stents they put in you to save your life. Yeah, I have them, 3 of them, and the drug coated ones, so I'm worried. Oh well, seems stress helped me get to that point so now I need to learn to get over it. I'll let the Dr. figure out what he's going to do about them when the time comes.

Don't stress out over your Christmas plans and to-do list. It's not worth it. My Christmas shopping is about done and I've done every bit of it with the computer and a credit card. The UPS guy brings it to my door - no gas, no crouds, no stress. LOL Not my usual way of doing things, but, for this year it worked. ENJOY THE SEASON!

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

What a nice package Kathy sent! I can see why you are enjoying it so much. Yes, listen to your husband and REST! :)

Kathy said...

I never stress out over holiday gifts anymore since I buy everything online. I am going shopping with my brother tomorrow, since he feels behind the 8 ball, but I'm basically just keeping him company!

Glad you like the package! I had fun with it. :)

Susan said...

Wow super gifts from your pal and what perfect timing. And your flowers are beautiful and you should be able to enjoy the poinsettias for some time.

I can see why no activity could make you a bit antsy (a bit?) but maybe you could consider it healing activity and mark it off the list every day *G*