Monday, November 27, 2006

A Knitters Medical Updates

No pictures, I was too pooped to move today. Maybe tomorrow AFTER the gym.

Just wanted to update my blog on the medical conditions of everyone. First off, the Baby Girl went to the campus infirmary this morning and she has a major ear infection in one ear and a not-so-major ear infection in the other. She called and said "Mom, you'd be so proud of me. I went to the clinic, got checked out and got drugs." Guess I should mention here that this is a kid that doesn't like going to Drs. and never does, unless it hurts as bad as an ear infection I guess and hates taking medicine. And, no clarinet for atleast the rest of the week. So, her Professor put off her final until next Monday. Good thing! Clarinetists can actually rupture their ear drums if they play with an infection.

After a 6 hour ride home yesterday and a really bad nights sleep, my father went to the Drs. this morning and he has a compressed vertabrae in his spine and his back was out of whack. He's feeling better this afternoon, just achey and goes back Wednesday and then they think that'll be it. He said the deep muscle massage was the best! All I did today was wait for the phone to ring to tell me how everyone was doing. I hate it when they're in pain, makes me worry too much and I walk around thinking about them till they call. Jeesh!

The broken legged Granddaughter couldn't get to school fast enough this morning to have all her friends sign her new, bright red cast. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it, but, I'll get one before it comes off.

My oldest daughter, who along with her oldest daughter, her father and I, were the healthiest ones for the holiday but, she messed that up yesterday. She was hanging Christmas lights outside and when she stepped off the chair she stepped wrong and twisted her knee! And, the oldest Granddaughter woke up this morning barfing her guts out so she's home in bed. Ever hear when it rains it pours? Guess it does around here. BTB and I are just tired, hoping we're not coming down with anything and not moving off our respective chairs in hopes that it'll keep us healthy!

My Grandson is doing well. He called me last night, whimpering, to tell me he really missed his Mommy and broke my heart. She was up there first thing this morning and when he told her he was getting a little home sick she said she was getting "son sick." He thought that was a hoot. We're hoping he'll be coming home with us when I go up with his Mom on Friday.

So, that's the medical update from the world of the Scrappy Knitter. Mom and my son are just fine and so far no complaints with them. Lets hope the rest of them do a whole lot better at Christmas, when they're all coming back for more.

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

Oh dear! I hope everyone gets fixed up really soon!

Rebekah said...

My goodness! I think your whole family should be put in a bubble once everyone is healthy to protect you all. :-)

When my nephew broke his leg, he was only 7, and had to use a walker because he was to little for cruches. It had wheels on it, and he learned how to do wheelies down the school hall. He's fortunate he didn't end up with 2 broken legs.

Oh I feel for your daughter's ear infections. I've been inflicted with them my entire life and boy do they hurt, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a wind musician to have them.

Take care! Find that bubble and stay in it. Someone in your family has to stay healthy.

Catherine Kerth said...

O geeees! when it rains it poors! puke twisted knee, ear infection? whacked out vertabrae? atleast there are some you guys on the mend ;) thinking about all of you!