Friday, November 03, 2006

Busy as a ...............

Bee? Beaver? Just busy as a knitter, wife, mother, grandmother, just plain busy. Now, if I can get blogger to upload my pictures I might just get this post posted. Only been trying for a week!
My socks are finally finished. I've been working on them since June! I'm not a fast sock knitter or that excited about knitting socks, but I sure love wearing them. So, I now have 3 pair of home knit socks. #4 is on the needles.

Remember I said I was going to No. GA for the weekend? Well, can't go up there without stopping at the Yarn Garden. They had a big sale on Cascade 220 regular and superwash. 20% off the regular and a whopping 40% off the superwash. I bought some brown (6 skeins), the pink isn't really that pinky, it's more like a light rose color(6 skeins). BTB picked it out for me for the Many Buttoned Vest in Folk Vests. It's too hard tryin to pick one color out of that table full she had. The green tweed and white are just because I couldn't walk out of there with just 12 skeins. I also saw a lady who was knitting (they have the cutest little sit and knit room) and she was making socks out of Regia Silk and I fell in love with the color. So, those are my 4th socks that are now on the needles. Might have them done about April! There's also a store/warehouse up there that BTB and I love to walk around and I found this little lamb peg hook and just had to have it for my sunroom. I'm thinking of making some little tiny, mini socks to hang on it. Maybe a sweater and mittens too, since it has three pegs.

These cute little guys are from Mayfield Dairy near Commerce, GA. We looked thru their entire gift shop just to find some more sheep. Cute huh? Oh, and if you've never had Mayfield ice cream. Oh YUM! If you go to their gift shop and get a cone, it's C.H.E.A.P. - the least amount we've paid for 3 cones in years and years! I'm talking like a dollar a cone for a small and only 2 dollars a cone for the large. Last time we had a cone out it cost us around 9 or 10 dollars. Oh, and why 3 cones? Cause our Baby Boy met us up there on Friday (it rained, no work for surveyors when it rains) and spend the whole day with his Mommy and Daddy! That was a bigger treat than the ice cream (well, a close first, I love ice-cream!)

We also went to the Southeast Pug Rescue Pug Fest and what a great time that was! Have you ever seen a few hundred pugs all in one building? They are hilarious and after 2 hours we had to leave because my cheeks hurt so bad from all the laughing and smiling. Libby had a great time and I'll show pictures of her and all her new friends next time. Blogger isn't being too cooperative uploading these pictures and it's taking forever! But, here's what we bought. I got a journal to keep all our puggy info in and a gorgeous, hand made bowl with a pug in the center. These are the exact colors of my new kitchen so we couldn't pass it up. Libby had fun too, but was glad to get back into her truck, where it was quiet. I also got a couple of cute books written by a woman that has a pug named Wilson.

I had so much to put down here but now it's been so long I'm tired. The weather changed again last night and I woke up with a major sinus headache and have done nothing all morning. I wish the weather would just stay put. It was in the 80's on Wed and today it's 51! I like 80 and I like 51, but it's got to stay one way or the other. So, I'm off to fix a boiling hot bowl of chicken and rice soup and maybe work on that gorgeous Regia Silk sock. Pug pictures next time and the rest of my weekend.

Happy Knitting!


Mouse said...

I'm wishing I knew that you were coming to my neck of the woods - we could have met up! I haven't been to YG's sale yet but I really need to stock up on Cascade for the holidays.

Rebekah said...

Your socks look great! Don't feel bad, I have several socks that have been on needles for several years! I'm a very, very slow sock knitter.

Beth said...

I can't wait to see the pug pictures! My daughter and I almost went, but she changed her mind about how much she wanted to go. (At first she looked like she was going to cry when I said we weren't going. When I woke her up the next morning to tell her we could go, she decided it wasn't that important.) I'm glad you had a great time! How was the camping?

The weather was great a couple of days ago, wasn't it? It was 74 and just perfect.