Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life Gets in the Way of my Knitting!

Are you ready for a long post? I've been busier than ever lately and will share it all with you. Yes, I have been knitting but haven't really had the time to take any decent pictures, but I'll try to sneak a few in here if blogger will let me.

Where to start. I guess the beginning of Sept. My oldest went into the hospital for a severe case of strep - I think I've blogged a little about that. Well, while in there for that they found out she had sleep apena, so, I've had to go up for the night twice since then so she could go into the hospital again for the sleep apnea testing. Of course, she has to be asleep so she goes in at 8:30 p.m. and is discharged at 6 a.m. So, that was interesting!

The Baby Girls College had a Family Weekend last weekend. They have all kinds of things they do on campus for the famlies but since the Oldest Baby Girl has 3 little kids it's too hard to try to stick to someone else's schedule. So, the Oldest Baby Girl, the Baby Girl, her best friend and I came up with our own Family Weekend. I stayed at the Oldest Baby Girls from Friday night till Sunday afternoon as did the Baby Girl and her best friend/roommate. We had a blast! We all went to a place where you paint pottery, then they glaze and fire it and you pick it up a few days later. I did a sheep for my collection. He's super, and a bank to save my quarters in for my yarn shop spree's - isn't he cute?

Saturday morning we all went to IHOP for breakfast, then went to the campus store and bought STUFF, then a football game at 1, pizza and movies that night and then Sunday morning we went to church and then out to lunch. I am so glad we did it that way, it was fun for even the little ones. Got to sleep in my own bed Sunday night and then Monday afternoon she called to say the hospital had a cancellation for the sleep apnea testing room and she really wanted to get it all over with so could I come back up to stay with the kids another night. I hadn't even unpacked my cot, my suitcase, so, off I went. Got home Tuesday morning then had to go back up there cause, well, Wednesday is the day I take the Baby Girl out to lunch and I had my hair done. Tired? Yup, I'm tired, and that's only a week or so of the craziness! It's been like this since the first of September!

Do I knit. Yes, lots. Do you know how much knitting you can get done when you watch 3 grandkids that are in bed by 8 (well, the oldest by 9 but she doesn't need me for anything)? Lets see. Amost done the dang sleeve for Bistrow. I swear those sleeves don't end! And I still have one to go. I'm working on the scarf that Vera blogged about and am loving it. I'm doing it in Rowan Cashcotton in a pale green. It is such a soft yarn and a great pattern for mindless knitting. You know, football games, grandkid sitting, waiting in the car. Since I'm not too good or too fast at socks, scarves seem to be my waiting knit. I'm about done with one felted slipper from Fiber Trends in Cascade 220. One more of those to go. I'm still plugging along on my socks but haven't picked them up in awhile. Knitting with dbl pts isn't something I can do fast, quick or without looking every once in awhile so I don't work on them too much. So, knitting is keeping me busy, I'm just not real fast since I do it more for enjoyment than to hurry up and get something done. And, as you can see from the last paragraph, life gets in the way and slows me down even more.

BTB and I are off for 4 days this week camping. We're going to a Pug Fest! Can you imagine 400+ pugs all in one place? One year their web site said they had 700! Libby (Liberty) is going as either Betsy Ross or as a very patriotic pug. I'm going to make her a red, white and blue cape and a night cap sort of hat. Had thought about the Statue of Liberty but didn't have the time to figure out the costume. I can whip up a cape and a hat to fit a pug pretty fast on the sewing machine. We're also going to spend the day Friday with My Baby Boy, who lives up that way. It's been a few months since I've seen him so I'm ready for my big bear hug. Oh, and great timing from The Yarn Garden up there. They sent me an e-mail this morning that they're having a Cascade 220 sale and guess who's going? BTB says "anything you want Babe" so it's on the list.

Are you tired of reading yet? Did you guess where I'm going to be wearing my Mystery Stole II at? I was going to make this a contest because I have a book to give away but I remembered that I posted a comment to Ann's blog, so, that won't work. Anyway, BTB is taking me on my dream vacation to......drum roll please.......the Keys! Yup, all the way to the bottom, just like Ann did a few weeks ago. We'll be camping right on the beach, watching the sunset, then we'll turn around and watch it rise. I've always wanted to spend a week sitting on a beach knitting and reading and listening to the waves and that super, terrific, wonderful man I married is taking me down for 2 weeks! I will be in total heaven! We're going in January, 2007, so I need to get one of those ticker things up there on top of my blog for my count down because let me tell you, I am one excited lady!

I'll have to think of a contest to have to give away the book. I'll think about it with BTB's help while we're in the GA mountains watching pugs!

See you when we get back and I hope to have some more knitting to share with you and yarn aquisitions from my yarn shopping spree. It's not Rineback, but it's better than nothing!

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

Your big trip sounds like a lot of fun! I've never been to the Keys, but I hear it's a beautiful area.

Enjoy your camping and the pugs!

Kathy said...

400 pugs??? Wow! That's a lot of little dogs! In costume yet - I'm getting quite the humorous picture in my mind. :)

Sounds like you've been busy - and will remain that way for quite a while, eh?