Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Love Gold!

Just so you know I'm still around. Been busy around here. Here's something for you to read, I've been finding this quiz on lots of blogs. It's pretty accurate too, which is nice. :o)
Happy Knitting!

What Color is Your Brain?


At work or in school: I like set routines and organized ways of doing thingsl rules and directions are a great help to me. I prefer to stay on one topic at a time. I need to know what is expected of me, and I always want to know if I am on the right track. I like subjects that are useful and traditional, such as business, accounting, history and government.
With friends: I prefer people who are careful with their money and who make plans ahead of time. I like my friends to be loyal, dependable and on time. I am serious about love and show it in many practical ways.
With family: I like stability and security and enjoy traditions and frequent celebrations. I like to spend holidays with family members, and I plan ahead for such gatherings.
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Beth said...

Hi! I'm glad you are doing well. Is it cooler down there?

Kathy said...

I'm gold too! I like order in my life. :)