Monday, June 26, 2006

Yarn Shopping!

Awesome, huh? This is 540 yards of a 50/50 silk/wool blend from Cabin Cove Mercantile. I wish you could feel it! W.O.W. I'm just going to leave it in my wooden bowl for awhile and admire it, cause I have to come up with just the right pattern for this yarn, it is just too soft, pretty and the colors are great! I ordered it on Friday and it was in my mailbox this morning. That was fast! Thanks Dave!!!
This is what I bought last week when I went to my LYS the day I had the oil changed. I never go to the island to have my oil changed without stopping in. Great place, great people and they always have something I have to have! I bought these 3 skeins of Plymouth Encore Colorspun (color #7065) to make my oldest granddaughter a shawl. She asked me if I'd make her one awhile ago but I had to wait till I could get to the LYS to get the yarn. I also figured this yarn would work the best as her Mom doesn't have a whole lot of time to mess with frilly/wool shawls. I'm trying to find a lacy, crochet pattern for it but so far not much luck. Also in the picture is some Maggi Knits Irish, which is 52% cotton/48% linen. I want to do a scarf with it. It was suggested that I use it doubled and from the outside of the skein as it tends to twist. The YFC doesn't end until Saturday but as I live so far from any LYS I had to buy it while I was able. And, I hadn't shopped for yarn for the month of June yet, so this is my free day shopping for June. Dave's yarn, well, since I also didn't buy any yarn in May, I guess I borrowed that free shopping day from May. If that's not acceptable, that's okay, I just couldn't pass up that gorgeous yarn.

The circular needles are for this:

My Icarus shawl. See the picture on the left? I love using these Lantern Moon needles but it's getting a little crouded, so time to switch to the circulars, I guess. I'm on the 4th repeat of the main pattern (chart 1) and I'm thinking since I'm using a fingering weight yarn (Peruvian Baby Cashmere from Elann) I might just do the 4 repeats. Not sure yet though. I like my shawls long to keep my back warm in "This Old House" as well as my arms, so I'll see how it looks after 4 repeats. It's been lots of fun and fast, but I tend to get lost in thought while working on it and forget where I'm at sometimes. This yarn is so soft and I love this color. It's actually a darker burgandy than the photo shows.

These are the socks I've been working on. Same yarn as the picture from Va. that I tore out. I think these are headed the same way. I'm all done with this one, just have to kitchener the toe, but I don't like them and got a new pattern for socks today, so might use the yarn for them. I can't stand the thought of having to make another one of these. I will someday have a sock made out of this yarn come hell or high water!
Pretty huh? No, it's not my birthday (yet). No, it's not our anniversary (yet). I have always teased BTB about never buying me flowers. He isn't into flowers or jewelry, so if I wanted either, I bought it myself. He asked me one day where I got the flowers that I had sitting on my table (I had just bought them) and when I told him Walmart he said he was surprised. When I asked why he said he thought I only liked flowers from a florist. I NEVER buy flowers for myself at the florist and when I told him that he said "and you like Walmarts flowers?" Jeesh, what do I care, as long as they're flowers? Well, every week for the last several months the man has brought me flowers! How's that! They work for me.

I had more pictures but I think that's enough for today. Don't want to overload. I won't be posting for a few days because tomorrow we have to go to the Baby Girls college of choice for orientation, and it lasts for 2 days! We were going to stay the night but we have to come home to take care of the puppies, they wouldn't appreciate not being walked for 2 days (pee-u) so she'll stay in a dorm and we'll come home. Our middle child was here when we said we'd stay the night and now he's gone back to his place in Altanta so home we'll be. I like my own bed anyway, so it works for me.

Happy Knitting!
oh yeah, I'm down another 3 lbs! YAHOO


Beth said...

What a great post - you've been busy with all the knitting. Everything looks great! And I love the flower story. Congratulations on the weight loss!

One of my neighbors called today saying someone had dropped off a black female pug at her house (that's exactly what she already has). I was tempted to bring her home, but my husband didn't think it was a great idea. ;) Fortunately another neighbor is thinking of keeping her. She had 500 fleas on her - Ouch!

Catherine Kerth said...

beautiful shawl and other knits... i can just imagine how soft an wonderful the 50/50 is! yummy :)

Rebekah said...

First of all, yeah on the 3 pounds!

And it's definitely acceptable. You basically get 3 free days in the 3 months, it doesn't matter if you save them up and use them all in June.

YOu've done wonderful! Great purchases.

. said...