Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Baby Girl goes off to College

Yes, our Baby Girl is all signed up for her college of choice. We spent the last 2 days at her Orientation and we learned alot, she learned alot and we got to know the layout of the college a little better. She'll be a Music Major and because she's also in the Marching Band, she moves in 2 weeks before the rest of the school. August 2nd isn't that far away so now our time will be spent buying all the college dorm needs of an 18 year old and of course, the new clothes. We need to get the oil changed in her Dodge pick up and start getting her bedroom here at home organized so she can figure out what she needs to take and what she can leave behind. Home for BTB and I will never be the same. We'll now be called Empty Nesters and, honestly, I HATE that! I always wanted to be a wife and a Mom, all my life. Now what do I do? I think I'll join the gym in town (30 minutes away though) and work thru all my frustrations. Maybe it'll also help me lose this last 12 pounds and get over not having a kid to look forward too coming home after school. Any retired stay at home mom's out there? What did you do when your last one went off to college? Oh, sure, I can knit, but I do that anyway. My list isn't getting any shorter, but I need something new, interesting and with people. Like I've said before, I live quite a ways from the nearest city and have to drive about an hour to get to even the local yarn shop, but, there has to be something to keep me entertained. BTB should have figured it out so he retires at the same time, then we could travel the countryside.

Anyway, back to the Baby Girl. She's so happy, excited and anxious for those first days of August to get here. She is SO ready for this. She'll be rooming with her best friend, which makes us all happy and already knows quite a few kids going to this college so she has a great network of friends. She also has been going there for tutoring from a college student and was asked to play in their ochestra twice before she graduated high school so she also knows several of the band members, although her tutor graduated this year. She also knows the professor very well and is going to Atlanta with her just before classes start for a Music Convention. So, we all feel better that she knows people there. Oh, and did I mention that her sister lives like, within walking distance? That makes Mom feel LOTS better. Her sister told her that she could come to her house and eat when they ran out of food. Hope she knows what she's getting herself in for!

I'm still working on the Icarus shawl and have the last 20 rows of the main pattern to finish and then on to the next chart. It's coming along, but I'm not in any hurry, I certainly don't need it in this 90+ degree weather we're having here. No pictures, it doesn't look much different than the last picture I showed.

Going to meet up with the grandkids and my oldest daughter tomorrow at the water park near their house. The Baby Girl is going with me so we'll have fun. I'm going to get on a tube and float down the "Lazy River" with my oldest granddaughter, who just got back from the emergency room after smashing her finger between 2 bowling bowls at summer camp. She and I can relax together! Might get some knitting done, but probably not. With 3 grandkids you can't sit still for long, those kids want me to do everything and then you have to multiply it by 3. I'll be busy, but having a blast.

Here's a picture of my geranium on my deck, just so it's not a pictureless blog.


Sandysknitting said...

I can't tell you how many times I nodded during your post. We've talked about this before. August is looming. I am happy, sad, excited, scared to death and overall...overwhelmed.
I'm sure you are too!
xoxoxo to you!

Beth said...

Your daughter will have such a great time at school (and she'll learn a lot). :) Maybe you should teach knitting classes or volunteer for something that will keep your mind off things. Have fun at the water park!

Catherine Kerth said...

it's hard to let go, the thought of "empty nesters" scares me and my kids haven't even started the first grade! i second the motion of you teaching classes... it's fun and before you know it baby girl will be home for winter break....

Rebekah said...

How exciting for her.

Could you pleae e-mail me at, I apparently wrote your e-mail down wrong and need to send you the letter for the last day of the YFC> Thanks