Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Fabric of Marriage

First, a couple of thank you's for my "one word that describes me post." Beth, Bron & Catherine, thank you for the "words." Very observant of you all!

Second, I found this newspaper clipping that my Mom sent me back in 1991 and thought I'd share it with you. Seeing how 1991 was over 15 years ago, you can see even then knitting was in my blood. It's been there since about 1963-64. Anywho, here tis.........

The Fabric of Marriage

Marriage is like a piece of knitting.
If you make a mistake, it's best to fix it right away.
If you let it go awhile, it's a lot more work to fix it.
If you let it go long enough, you might have to rip out the whole mess
and start all over again.
Gale H. Markes, RI

That's in place of a picture because I still haven't had time to get my camera program on here (yeah, excuses, excuses) and I couldn't scan it in because the PC still isn't working. I get to spend a few hours on the phone tomorrow with Dell so they can walk me thru copying all the stuff on it that I NEED and then reformat my hard drive. Fun, fun! Makes me so mad because I know there's a way to fix it without going thru all that but I'm not computer savy enough to figure out how. Hackers could do it, but I'm not a hacker and don't know any. BTB has a ton of paperwork that needs typed up and without his "secretary" it can't get done and his secretary without her PC is useless!

I've been working on the Icarus shawl and that's about it. It's a fast, fun knit and I'm enjoying it. One thing I love about making shawls is all the counting, I can get lost in just constantly counting. Even on the purl back row I find myself counting to be sure I have the right amount of stitches. Tried sitting on the deck with Libby and Maggi today to work on it but it was so dang hot and humid out there we had to come back into the air conditioning. 93 and 99% humidity is just not something this Misplaced Yankee enjoys! When BTB got home we both jumped (well, walked down the ladder) into the pool and that felt really, really good.

So, that's it for today. Might actually get some much needed computer repairs done tomorrow so I can concentrate on figuring out this new toy and getting some pictures in here.

Happy Knitting!


Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

Love the thought about marriage, although my knitting is sometimes a topic of contention in my marriage.(He thinks I do it too much).

Hope you get your camera program going.

Beth said...

It's been hot here in ATL, too. I've been inside because I'm sick, but I was shocked yesterday to see a prediction of 98 deg. on the Weather Channel!

Rebekah said...

That is great, and I completely agree. See knitting is the mantra for life.