Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Still Rogueing Along

Libby says: "Merry Christmas"

Wow! I had a comment! So, since the comment was about Rogue, this entry will be about Rogue.

Yes, there are cables - cables everywhere! I just finished the front last night (I"m doing the cardigan) and I'm surprised the world didn't hear me holler! Even the dogs barked. I have ripped this thing out and redone it so many times I was one happy kid when it was finally done and done right.

There are cables under each arm on the sides, cables on the front sections and cables going around the hood. The sleeves have cables too. I've done cables before, but this one has kicked my butt. It's not the pattern, the pattern is great, if you follow the pattern. I decided I'd rather have a cardigan and those directions aren't so clear, but, I've done it, somehow.

I very rarely make myself sweaters, or anything to "wear" because they never fit. I did my swatch on this one and came out to the same needle size as the pattern but I tried it on this morning after doing the shoulder seams and it seems a little small. I'm hoping I can add an inch or so when I do the front button bands, if not, some lucky person smaller than me will be getting a new sweater sometime. THAT's why I never knit myself anything!

So, if you're going to do the Rogue, go for it, just have lots of sticky notes to mark your place and lots of patience! But, this is one sweater that you won't get bored with and that's why I decided to make it. I've got the pattern for Eris and will do that too, just a bigger size and I'm doing it exactly as the pattern says, no more changing things for me, it's too much work.

Enjoy! And thanks for the comment lv2knit! It's nice to get comments and mine are very few and far between.


jenifleur said...

My rogue came out a little smaller than I would have liked, too, but it turned out to be wearable. I think it actually fits, but I tend to like my sweaters a bit baggy. I bet you'll get loads of compliments, I always do when I wear mine.

RunsWithTrowels said...

i had the same problem with my rogue sizing. i wound up frogging it, as there was no way i was going to spend as much time as i have this sweater just to have it sit in my closet.
good luck with yours!