Monday, December 12, 2005

My New Collectables

Aren't they cute? The big one is from my oldest daughter and the little one is from Canada, in Disney World. I also bought a little, wooly keychain at my local yarn shop on Thursday but he didn't get here in time to make it into the picture.


lv2knit said...

I read your comment on WendyKnits and I can't believe you are knitting Rogue! I just discovered the girlfromauntie website and am going to order both Rogue and Eris. Until I read your blog, I did not realize that Rogue was knit from the bottom up (Eris is top down) and that there were cables along the side "seams." I have so many projects going right now that I do not know how I will get it all done. Merry Christmas!!

Teresa C said...

I collect sheep as well. I love those, and don't have them. Hrmph! I'll be looking around for them.