Friday, November 04, 2005

Startitis! or is it Finishitis?

For some reason I can't get into anything knitwise. I've started the Rogue sweater, which I love, but am already bored with it. Started the peacock feathers shawl and decided I just am not going to get along with this zephyr yarn, so ordered some Baby Alpaca from Elann in Peacock, which hopefully is a tad bit heavier than the zephyr. Today I started a scarf for Grand daughter #1 in Knitpicks sock yarn because I have a ton of sock yarn and just cannot get into making socks. So, a scarf. But, a few things I have finished. I think I'm in one of those "make something little, quick and get it done modes." I did the Bow Tie Scarf pattern (free on the web, I googled and found it) and just love it! I think I'll make another one in a thinner yarn for my Mom. DD#1 brought me back a scarf kit from a recent trip she took and I whipped that up in 2 days. It's the potatoe chip scarf done in blue cotton and then the outside edge done in one of the laddering yarns. Really cute, but I'm going to give it to her, I don't think it would look too hot on me. Also made my #2 grand daughter a headband/ear warmers and the pulse warmers out of some new yarn I found at my favorite yarn shop. It's from Laines Du Nord and called Korall Fancy. My son liked it so much he asked me to make him a hat with it, so tomorrow DH and I are going to the big city while our Baby Girl takes her 3rd SAT test! and to the yarn shop to see if she has any more.

So, since this is such a dull blog, I'll include these pictures taken at my Moms in July after she and my father took me to my favorite yarn shop in the mountains. I was supposed to put them in here when I got back but................

Have a great weekend and I sure hope you all get more knitting done than I have!

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