Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nantucket Baskets, Parents and Kids!

Wow! What a week. My parents were here for my Baby Girls Spring Band Concert Tuesday night and Senior Night at the football game last night (we won, 40-6) and this morning they headed home. I hate it when they leave but I think we had a good week. My oldest daughter and 3 grandkids have had a few problems and I can't go into it, but I've been worried sick about them. Seems they're all safe and sound and seem content. My Baby Boy is going to start coming home on Sunday nights to work with his Dad Monday - Thursday then he'll go back to his house near Atlanta for the weekends. Me, I'm just pooped out! Worrying is such a crappy thing! I am SO looking forward to getting away at Thanksgiving. A blissful, busy week at Disney for our annual Thanksgiving trip.

Not much knitting to report, been too busy, but my Oldest Daughter and the 3 grand kids brought me home the cutest knitting kit from their trip to RI. It's the first time I've ever gotten yarn as a gift! It's one of those new potatoe chip scarves, so when it's done I'll give it to one of the granddaughters. I have the same yarn in my stash so I'll make the other granddaughter one in a different color.

Oh, the picture. That's my Dad's Nantucket Baskets that he makes. He needed a picture for the class he's going to teach at the John C Campbell Folk School ( so we took all the ones he's made me outside and put them on a table with my round shawl I made. If anyone's interested, he also sells them! Not sure of the website for the school, but I'm sure you can google it and find it. They do a lot of folk art, crafts and they even have a class for knitting, which I'm going to try to take someday.

So, that's it from here. I'm ready to go sit, put my feet up, relax and knit!

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Anonymous said...

Those baskets are gorgeous!!! And the setting you took them in makes them look fantastic. (I am on the clapotis yahoogroup so was led to your site) Martha