Sunday, September 04, 2011

Owls, Ropes and Bracelets, Oh My!

Wow, okay, we've recouparated from the wedding, the newlyweds are enjoying married life in their adorable little home and my house is almost back to normal.

Life for me goes from totally, 100% B.O.R.I.N.G. to crazy busy. Right now I'm in the first one. The weather is too hot to go outside (and too dang buggy), family is scattered all over the place and everyone else I know lives too far away to just go visit so I'm stuck in the backwoods of Georgia with the dogs, the cats (who aren't much for visiting, they're always outside) and my knitting.  So, for now I'll knit. I'm knitting sweaters, scarves, bracelets, mittens, hats, lace, lace and more lace and the usual house work, the least amount that I can get away with.

CeCe with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Terracotta Canyon  

Just a big, long knitted rope. Hand dyed wool from
John C Campbell Folk Festival in 2009
Big needles and big yarn = instant FO!

Trying my hand at crocheting a doily
This is another free download from Ravelry
and extra special cause I used my Great Grandmother's Steel crochet hook
(this isn't even in my projects page - will find pattern and post link ASAP)

Owl mitten for my oldest granddaughter
Free pattern on Ravelry
Fun little button bracelet
Another freebie on Ravelry
Made this for my granddaughter's friends

Right Hand mitten
Give A Hoot!

Left Mitten
These are dark, chocolate brown
Cascade 220 - not quite one skein for both mittens
Hat coming soon.
Now I must go type some papers for BTB and find some meaningful things to do around here today. It's hot, humid and the B. Pressure is messing with my head and sinus's all thanks to TS Lee and Hurricane Katia.

Happy Knitting! And, I'm ready for WINTER Stringplay!!!!!


stringplay said...

Great looking projects, Sheri. The doily is looking great. That's a good hot weather project. But I especially like the CeCe. I have looked over that pattern dozens of times. I think it's a good one for our climate. And I was just looking at terra cotta colored yarn. Such a nice color. Hang in there. Sorry you aren't feeling top-notch just now. I think this endless summer has just worn us down. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Alexandria said...

I definitely need some of those mittens AND a bracelet!! Those were adorable! Love you, Mommy.

<3 Alexandria

Neshaminy said...

And it was my birthday ;)