Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 6th Blogaversary to ScrappyKnitter!

Terrible picture but I wanted to put a cake on here. Hubby made this for me on my last birthday and gave it to me for breakfast. :o) He also used a votive candle. Gotta love him.
I can't believe it's been 6 years! I've learned a lot in those 6 years of blogging. I've learned a lot about knitting in those 6 years too.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be able to figure out how to read a lace chart. I took a class and figured it out.  Never thought I'd figure out how to knit a sock, but I did, following all those links that bloggers put in their blog pages. I've been knitting since I was 6 and never knew there was so much to learn and love about my favorite hobby.  My "therapy."  My Mom used to ride horses. She always told me it was her therapy but I never knew what she meant. I do now.

Thanks for reading my blog, thanks for keeping me company all these years, and thanks for stopping by.

Happy Knitting!


Marli and Memory said...

Ha Ha! LOVE the cake! Hope you are blessed with many more years of happy blogging. ;)


Marli and Memory said...

you so funny*

stringplay said...

How sweet that he made you a cake!
Happy blogiversary. Knitting brings friends, too. Therapy + Friends.
Hooray for knitting.

Beth said...

Happy blogaversary! And congratulations on your daughter's engagement! That must be so exciting.

I just caught up on reading your blog and saw that you wanted my blog address:

Have a great day!