Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cabled Socks for my Baby Girl Complete!

Thanks for the comments on my new RED blog. I really think red is so pretty and it does POP! It's fun to make time to play with this once in awhile.

I had to change my RSS feed subscriber (or whatever it's called)because the one I was using went out of business so if I don't have your blog listed in my sidebar could you send it to me? I tried replying to Beth but your blog isn't listed on your page. :o( I've lost so many of my favorite blogs, makes me sad.

 Okay, happy news! Alex's socks...................DONE!
These seem like they took forever (don't all socks?) but after posting the finished pair on Ravelry I realized it's only been a month. That's not bad. The worst part about knitting socks (besides the knitting of the socks) is the cost. When I think of the sock yarn I have stashed in the closet, and the amount that each skein/hank costs, well, I could buy enough socks at the store for every person who reads my blog plus my whole family. BUT, have you ever seen socks like this in your store? Me either! So, would these be Maternal or Paternal since they don't match exactly? That would have just been crazy to match stripes! Nope, not for me cause, well, you know, I hate knitting socks!

Next is a pair of the Firestarter Socks for me! Have to go look through all that sock yarn and see if I have red, cause why would you make those out of any other color?

Finishing up my Elbow Room sweater. Keeping my fingers crossed I have enough  yarn left. I have the ribbing to do around both fronts and the neck and only 1 skein of yarn left. I'm sure my ribbing wont be 5 inches like the picture, but I'm hoping to atleast get 3 or 4 inches. If I don't even get 2 inches I'll be a very upset knitter!

Our Painted Bunting came back for the 3rd year in a row, sitting w a male Cardinal and a purple finch
We're enjoying 70+ degree days with lots of sunshine, but I'm still not ready for winter to be over. I enjoy the cold and the slight, slight possibility of snow but I guess it's pretty much over this year. Our feeders are full of birds, our trees are starting to show signs of buds and there are spots of grass turning green in the lawn. I just really am not looking forward to the hot, humid, and more humid weather we have here in the Southern Summers!

Happy Knitting!


Marli and Memory said...

Awww! Lucky Alex! They look great...fabulous job, Mama Hisey. ;)

stringplay said...

Great-looking socks! One month for a complete pair would be a record for me. I think that is fast work, especially with cables. Although I sometimes think some interesting action in the pattern helps me knit faster than a plain stockinette pair. I love the bird photos.