Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm Melting..........................

Uh.  When is winter going to be here?  The only thing doing really well in this heat are my cactus, if I could just figure out how to keep the dang squirrels from burying the pecans in their pots. They've already dug up several of them.

I'm trying to figure out which sweater to knit.  I think I'm getting burned out on shawls, I need something different. I'm terrible at sweaters though, I keep making everything too big.  So, this time I'm going to go down one size smaller than I would usually choose and see what happens.  Here are my choices so far: #1 Something Red which I would do in a rusty/brownish/orangy color using this .  #2 CeCe which I tried once before but it was huge so was frogged. I would do it in a Banana colored Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  #3 is one I just found tonight that is very cute, but I'd have to buy it.  I don't mind buying patterns but there's really no need to when there are so many beautiful free ones.  I did buy Something Red, but quite a while ago.  Anyway, #3 Bellevue Cardigan.  I love that one and though I'm not sure which yarn yet, I might do it in a yellow Cotton Ease (Pineapple) or a yellow Loisa Harding Cashmere Aran.  Which one do you like?

This story is going to make this post really long but I have to share what I'm making (well, one of things).  My Uncle, who has always been a farmer in RI, was hurt pretty badly about 10 weeks ago by a calf he was trying to get to drink from another cow.  Something startled the calf (calves can weigh upwards of a couple hundred pounds, not a cute little cuddly baby calf) and the calf got the lead tangled up around my Uncles legs and flipped him up and slammed him into the ground.  Well, he broke ribs, shoulder, the rib punctured a lung (he already has oxygen),and if he didn't break it he bruised it.  He's still in the hospital after 10 weeks and progress is slow but he's gaining.  I decided I needed to make him something, just because he's such a riot and I can't be there to help keep him company or anything.  So, I have a 6'3" Uncle (he'll be 75 next month), laying in a hospital bed 1000 miles away and guess what he's going to get from me?  Homemade booties in chocolate brown Cascade 220!  I sure wish I could be there when he opens them to hear his reaction.  He'll pretend to be all mad and want to know what, I thought he was an "old man that needed booties."  But, he'll love them, he'll wear them and I bet atleast once or twice throughout the winter, which can be really cold in RI, he'll think to himself "hmm, sure am glad Sheri (he doesn't call me that but what he does call me would take another blog entry all by it's self) made me these crazy looking things, they're keeping my feet warm."  Oh yeah, they found out about 4 weeks after the accident that he also broke his hip, which he has since had replaced which turned his toes blue, so I'm thinking the socks/booties are going to be very welcomed!

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

I hope your uncle will be all better very soon! Those booties are sure to help. :)

If I was making a sweater for myself, I'd make Bellevue. It's really cute. But I like all of them. Tough decision!

stringplay said...

Sheri, so sorry to hear about your uncle's accident. Sounds serious. But not only will the slippers be really nice this winter, more importantly, they will give him a welcome laugh NOW and take his mind off his hurts and worries. And UGH you are so right about this AWFUL heat. I am SO tired of it. I look forward to seeing what project you choose.

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