Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 already. I've decided that I must get back into blogging and quit ignoring it for FaceBook. Yes, I'm addicted to the Farming on there and most of my computer time is spent tending my crops, livestock and sending out gifts to my fellow Farmers. :o) My Grandfather would be proud, he was a dairy farmer in RI for over 50 years. So, I now have to share my time with Ravelry (the number 1 on the computer time list), FaceBook and blogging. I'm ScrappyKnitter on Ravelry and if you want to be my friend on Face Book, just leave me a comment and I'll send you my FB name.

We had a great Christmas with all 3 kids home, all 3 grandkids, my parents and one "guest." Full house! We spent a very quiet New Years, just the 2 of us, and then BTB moved the Baby Girl into her new apartment in AL and when he got back I went out and stayed with her for 4 days, then went to see my granddaughter on my way to my bestest friend and my sons in Atlanta for 4 days. Wonderful time and can't wait to do it again. I can make a big circle and cover 'em all.

I've been doing a lot of knitting and will just post a bunch of pictures here to cover them all. I WILL be much better at posting as each project is done I hope, but I'm great for giving them away, or packing them away (I don't give away too much of anything) and forget the pictures. So, happy New Year and I'll be back within the week!

Just Enough Ruffles - gave to my friend, Dawn for Christmas - Malabrigo (Heaven) in Red Pearl
Brides Sachet Bag
Baktus - made from some really ugly sock yarn I've had forever, but it turned out pretty
This one is pure heaven around my neck but I can't remember where I found the pattern. It's just a YO, K2tog pattern and silky soft. I also can't remember what the yarn is called but it's gorgeous. Not sure why this is blurry.

Happy Knitting in 2010!


Beth said...

Hi there! I was sucked into Facebook for a while but haven't been on much since before Christmas. I don't miss it. :) But I suppose I should keep in touch with everyone and sign in once in a while.

Sheri said...

It is almost as much of a time waster as Ravelry, but, I can knit and FB at the same time. :o)

stringplay said...

Boy, your dog looks different. Just kidding. SO glad to see you back. That Baktus did turn out lovely, as did the other projects. I want to try a Baktus and a Just Enough Ruffles. Need More Time!! Don't you? Glad you had such a good holiday and trip.

Mary said...

A friend has been looking for a ruffled scarf and I think Just Enough Ruffles may be the one! Very nice!