Friday, September 11, 2009

Lots. But nothing

I got all ready to update my blog and realized I have no pictures in my computer of all the knitting I've done this summer. I think they're all on Face Book. So, I have to go take some pictures. I've done a lot of knitting and put a very small dent in my stash, but I'm still working away and hoping to have another dent in it by Christmas. I'm going to clean out my yarn closet today and make a pile of yarn that I know I probably will never use, so be on the lookout for pictures of my "give away pile" and you might get yourself some yarn, for free!

I started Face Book to keep up with my kids. They're all over the place and calling or texting on our phones sometimes wasn't convenient, so we're all on FB. The Baby Girl had a great time in Africa, got a little too close to elephants, lions and zebra's, but had a blast and brought me home some cool things. Jeesh, not even pictures of them on here. Terrible! Well, now she's on a 3 month Study Abroad Program and right now is in Greece, then to Turkey and then she'll be in Israel and will be home 2 days before Thanksgiving. Imagine! 21? I was married and had a baby at 21 and this one is all over the globe. So, so happy for her.

Okay, not writing a letter here (although sometimes I forget that) so I'll go snap some pictures and be back over the weekend. My brand new LYS is having their grand opening tomorrow and I've decided even though I don't have a knitting buddy near me and BTB is going in the opposite direction, I'm going to it anyway, all by myself! I've been in it once and they're awesome people and I love their new shop. Great yarn, great prices, LOVE the little do-dads and can't wait to go back. I'll let you know how it goes.

I hope you all had a nice summer. I've been reading the blogs, just couldn't comment because I forgot my password. When you travel it's hard to carry around the index file with all of them so I had to change it, forgot to write it down and.....................................that's my story!

Happy Knitting!

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stringplay said...

You are having fun and enjoying your family. That matters more than blogging. Still it is good to hear from you from time to time. Happy Knitting to you, too!