Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Traveling Scrappy Knitter?

How's that title? My one (and probably only) reader said I should change my name to the TavelingKnitter, so I compromised for this post. I'm embarking on another venture so thought I'd update the blog before I go.

Alot of knitting has been taking place here and I even have an FO! Maybe I'll have a few more next time.

This is the beginning of a pair of simple 3/2 rib socks I'm [trying] to make for my oldest granddaughter. She has really big feet and I hate knitting socks, so the two are not going together nicely. It seems to take forever. She's worth it and I shall prevail! Just for her.

This is the yoke of the February Lady Sweater, a free pattern on Ravelry. I'm just using some Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Candy Blue (Candy Blue is discontinued). I'm determined to use up the yarns that I've had the longest. So far it's been an easy knit, just sometimes it's so easy that I forget what I'm doing and just knit away on it then realize I'm way ahead of myself. Had to rip out about 5 rows after going past my total number of stitches. No hurry for this one, I live in the South. No need for much of anything this time of year.

This is the bottom 4" or so of the Decimal Sweater, free on Knitty. I'm all about those wonderful free patterns. I'm doing this one in Knit Picks Shine Sport in Cherry. Love the pattern, love the yarn and my favorite color is, of course, RED! No hurry for this one either.

Cables. I needed to practice cables for my Mom's sweater, so I made Mr. Greenjeans (from Knitty but that's the Ravelry link). I love this sweater. It took awhile, but it always takes me a long time to make sweaters cause I get bored with them and put them aside. But, it's now done and ready to wear this weekend on my trip. Soon I need to start the Nantucket Jacket (Interweave, Winter 06) for my Mom. She picked the yarn out a long time ago but there's a lot of cables in that sweater and even though I can do cables, it's really hard right now to concentrate on bunches of cables. Hopefully I can start it in July (my goal) so to have it done for Christmas. Hope being the key word there.

And I call it Mr. Maroonjeans, cause, well, it's kind of maroon. Big wooden button was in my button box and was perfect, even fit the buttonhole.

Pattern: Mr. Greenjeans aka Maroonjeans-Ravelry

Color: Candy Apple

Size: M-one thing I love about knitting. It's the ONLY think I wear that is a Medium. :o)

Needle Size: I'm guessing about an 8 but don't remember

There have been a few other projects, mostly just little things, but I don't have time to get them in here. If I don't go pack up that camper we'll have to run around the tournament hungry and.....well, you know, I've got things to do.

Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly. ~Ambrose Bierce
I hope all you Mom's out there have a wonderful weekend, a Happy Mother's Day and be sure and make time to knit!

Happy Knitting!

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stringplay said...

Hey, name change was only a suggestion. : )
The castonitis is paying off. All your projects look great and I LOVE the Maroonjeans. Happy Mother's Day to you.