Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Feel Like An Elf

I can't post any pictures of my knitting on the blog cause they're all gifts. Most of the recipients of these gifts sometimes visit this blog. So, how about some cute puppy pictures? Will that do?

This cute little thing is my new "Grandpup", a purebred Boxer named Callie Mae. Isn't she adorable? She belongs to my oldest granddaughter and is very spoiled, very loved and a wild little thing. This is her on Thanksgiving Day, leaning up against Grandpa after dinner. Yes, she sleeps with a blanket.
This cute little one is my "Sisterpup", she's part black lab and part schnauzer and her name is Margie. She belongs to my Mom who has always loved dogs and after losing Sadie I knew it wouldn't be long before she had another one. Margie is perfect, they go for long walks several times a day and my Mom is losing weight faster than I am now! I need to borrow Margie for awhile.
Cause this one would rather hide here than go outside and walk. This is where I found her when she was missing. Is that not one sad looking little pug? What a ham.
All of the sweaters I showed you in my last post were sent home with my Mom when she was here for Thanksgiving. Every one of them, except the multicolored one, fit her perfectly and she loved them so I sent them home with her. No more sweaters for me until I figure out why they're either too big or too small.

I'm trying real hard to get into the Christmas thing but it's harder this year than it was last year. There's alot going on around here, the temperatures have been in the 80's and I just can't get going with the shopping and all. I've only got one person finished and 1/2 of another one. I really need to get going.

Here's my Christmas card to all of my on-line friends. I hope to blog again before the big day but if not, have a wonderful, fun filled, Merry Christmas.............
and Happy Knitting!


Life's a Stitch said...

What adorable pictures. I love that schnauzer/lab cross.

StringPlay said...

Hi, Sheri. Yes, the warm, warm weather has made it a very odd holiday season so far, but it finally got colder today (at least up here). Not sure how long it will last. AND we got some rain, too. Yeah! Hope you and all your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Beth @ Felt Like Knitting said...

As stringplay said, it's cooled down up here. I did most of my shopping online and mailed things off today. Now I have toffee to make for the neighbors, a few more cards to write, etc. My tree isn't decorated, though! I still have a week, right? :)

Susan said...

Bronchitis has slowed me way down. Maybe a couple of packages will get mailed, but then again maybe not. They'll wait. I doubt that the ones they're intended for lack for anything. Way good to 'see' you again and a perfect Christmas card. I think I'll go do the same thing. Well I don't think I'll lie down under the tree :-)