Saturday, September 29, 2007

Many Thanks!

Thank you all who left comments regarding the Swan Lake MS3 shawl/stole. We're not real good about taking pictures here but we love showing off the knitting to you. Your comments were very much appreciated!

I got my invitation to Ravelry this week so I've been busy trying to figure that out. Trying real hard not to spend so much time on the computer but shoot, that website doesn't help at all! For those of you on there already my screen name is ScrappyKnitter (all one word), so stop by and say hello. I'll try to figure out how to read it.
Just cause she's so dang cute!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

I'll go look you up on Ravelry. It's fun, isn't it? :) There can never be enough pug pictures!

Anonymous said...

I just realized when I posted a comment I went to the wrong entry. Hope you saw it anyway! I love you. Love the Pugs pics on here and I really love the Swan Lake MS3 and I get that it's the wing. WooHoo
Oldest Daughter

Diana said...

What's your Ravelry name? I'm dwbaber (I know, I know, it's boring).