Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dear Daughters

Dear Darling Oldest Daughter and Baby Girl,

I have a problem. I joined this wonderful group of knitters that all decided to do Melanie's Mystery Stole 3, which started yesterday, and after finishing the first chart I was going to take a picture to post and, well, I have no camera.

I also decided, while waiting for the above mentioned knit-a-long to start, that I would try my hand at the famous Cookie-A sock, Monkey, and I'm loving it and have the first two pattern charts finished and couldn't wait to post a picture for all of blogland to see, and, well, I have no camera!

One of my blogging friends loves to see pictures of the Pug and last night Dad and I decided to take lots of pug pictures so I could post them for my blogging friend, and, well, guess what? No camera!

So, when you, Oldest Daughter, are done taking pictures with my #1 camera of all those cute kids of yours, and, the friends kids, could I have my camera back to take pictures of MS3, Monkey sock and the Pug?

And, Baby Girl, when you decide to come home, after spending the night with your Big Sister, because you had gone to Six Flags all day with friends and didn't want to drive the extra 1 1/2 hours home, could you please bring me back my #2 camera?

Having 2 Daughters is a wonderful thing for a person to grow up and have. Having 2 Daughters that grow up and think their Mom's stuff is "cool" is kinda nice. Being a Mom that grows up and realizes that she can't do something because those 2 daughters have what she wanted to do it with, well, that sure is something!

Return the camera's girls, please.

All my love,


eta: Both girls have asked for camera's for their birthdays. One's is this week (July 3, 1988) and the other one's is September 4 (Sept. 4 1977). Guess I have some decisions to make.

eta #2: This is a boring, pictureless blog entry because of above.


Beth said...

I don't think it's a boring post. :) I do love to see those pug pictures!

Anonymous said...

Although I have to tell you I haven't been able to take many pictures that weren't fuzzy. What am I doing wrong?
Your blog amazes me. I love reading it. So did you talk when Baby Girl got home or did you get to work more on MS3? How many rows now. And take pics in the morning now that one camera is home. I meant to send the other one with her, but... um... yeah... it's been a stressful day here.
Love you Mom,
Oldest Daughter

Catherine Kerth said...

I LOVE this post! so funny ;) can't wait to see your projects.... ans my Mystery stole is still is mystery! haha get it? i've yet to start it! :(