Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

My Wee Tiny Sock arrived in yesterday's mail. Isn't it adorable? Laura hand dyed the yarn and even sent me a mini skein "for repairs." And isn't the card cute? I'm thinking it's a petunia, close up, macro, but I could be wrong. I think it's pretty. Thank you so much Laura, you did a great job, on both the sock and the dying.

I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been going in 10 directions for a month or so. Went to visit our son in Atlanta a few weeks ago and yes, visited a LYS up there. Want to see what I bought?
The blue in the bottom right corner is Trecking XXL sock yarn. I got some of the new clips for holding seams together, 3 skeins of Regia Silk to make Clapotis, a cute little thimble pouch kit, Fiesta yarn to make a shawl and the ones in the back you can just barely see are Wool in the Woods Maiden, both for another shawl. One is an off white and the other is different shades of pink, grey and green variegated. And on the right, behind the Trecking, is 2 skeins of Mountain Colors hand painted sock yarn. BTB has asked for a pair of socks so the Moose Creek colorway is for him and the Elderberry colorway is for me. What a fun yarn shop to walk around. Room after room just chock full of all the latest and greatest. Main Street Yarn and Fiber in Watkinsville, GA. (if you click on the name it'll take you there. not sure where this blue underlined stuff is coming from!)

After being home a few weeks we took the Baby Girl on vacation for her Spring Break. She was going to take a friend and we were going to Nashville but the friend couldn't go so the Baby Girl decided she'd like to go somewhere near a beach. We took her to Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville Zoo, St. Marys (GA) and except for the knats we had a great time. I got to go to another LYS in Jacksonville, A Stitch in Time and bought a few books and some of the new Tofutsies yarn for another pair of socks. Yeah, I know, for someone who hates knitting socks I sure buy a lot of sock yarn. But, remember, I do love to wear them! No pictures of that stash, it's already put away, sorry.

The day after getting home from that trip we went camping with 2 other couples that are friends of ours and had a great time. No gnats on that trip so i got to sit outside and knit a little. I had my first somore' in 16 weeks and let me tell you, my mouth was so happy! I only put a little piece of Hershey bar in there with the marshmellow but my mouth found it, savored it and enjoyed every second it was in there! Eating no fat sucks, especially when out and about. Everyone wants hamburgers and hotdogs when you're camping - I get chicken. 24/7 I've been eating chicken!

So, we're home, planning our Easter menu and annual Easter Egg Hunt and looking forward to spring. I spent the week with the Baby Girl with a sinus infection so I'm looking forward to the pollen leaving and the green tinge to my car disappearing. It is really green! Wanna see? I'll run out and have BTB take a picture quick.If you can enlarge it you'll see the mess. My nose isn't happy with spring but I'm loving the 80 degree temps from inside the sunroom.

I've done several more inches on the Dale of Norway sweater and will show pictures of that next time. And, I promise "next time" will be a little sooner. The Oldest has been getting on to me for taking so long to blog. Glad she keeps up! I blogged kiddo, see?

Thanks again to Lauren for that cute Wee Tiny Sock! Here's another picture, just cause it's so darn cute........
Happy Knitting!
Not sure why some parts keep turning blue and underlined, but I'm not doing it. Sorry if you thought they were links.


Daryl said...

Sounds like you have been really busy having fun. I'm loving looking at everyone's wee socks. It is building the anticipation for mine. LOL

Emily said...

It is so cute! I know you will wear a hole in the heel and need repairs in no time! whahaha

Beth said...

Unfortunately, the pollen is bothering us up here, too. Your new yarn acquisitions are beautiful! I've heard lots of great things about that store. I need to check it out sometime.

Shelley said...

Glad to see you posting again! The wee tiny sock is so cute! I'm enjoying seeing everyones on their blogs.

Wow, awesome yarny purchases!

Anonymous said...

Finally... cute lil sock too! Glad your back to blogging.
Love ya,
Oldest Baby Girl

Kathy said...

No pollen up here yet, but I'm dreading it already. :(

I don't like to knit socks either, but I do like to buy sock yarn! Weird, aren't we?

Diana said...

Sheri--I love Main Street Yarns, too! I'm a little west of Atlanta--let me know if you're coming to Atlanta again and want to do a "yarn crawl."