Monday, January 01, 2007

Clean As New Fallen Snow!

I'm glad the new year is here. To me it's like a big snow storm in that it cleans everything up. Time to make new plans, try new things. So, for 2007 here's some of my ideas.

1. I won't be joining any "Knit from Stash" alongs but I'm going to try to only work from my stash. It's getting way out of hand and it makes me really nutty having all that in there and I don't need to keep buying. So, no new yarn in 2007 unless I think I really need it, or I run out, whichever comes first. haha
2. Finish things! I'm great for starting but not so great at finishing. Example: I knit a vest from a magazine and it's laid around so long waiting to be put together I can't remember the magazine or where said magazine is. I HAVE GOT TO FINISH MY PROJECTS!
3. Get better about blogging about said finished objects. I have so many things that I have knit that never make it to this blog. It's either because I don't feel like staging it all, don't feel like finding the camera, no sunshine, you know, a million excuses. I'll try to do better.
4. Pay more attention to my knitting. Usually I'm sick of whatever I'm working on by the time I get to the end, that's when I make mistakes. So, PAY MORE ATTENTION!
5. Continue to eat no fat, no fried, no fast foods and exercise, exercise, exercise! I hate exercise! But, I love music, I love to sing and dance, so might just find a dancing class. I'll have to dance alone though, BTB isn't a dancer (or a singer). There will probably be a little more about my health in this blog, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum!

I was looking back over my blogs last night and I'm up to about 8 commenters (the most I've ever gotten) this year. The first year I was lucky to get 1. So, to all my new readers out there (and you old ones;o), thank you for your comments, thank you for reading Scrappy Knitter and thank you for being a part of my life. I hope you have lots of health and happiness in 2007.
Happy New Year to all you kitties and puppy dogs out there in blog land. Hope it's a year filled with Greenies, Milk Bones and a few other adventures.
Happy Knitting!


Shelley said...

I don't think I'll be joining any de-stash alongs either. I will however attempt to knit more from my stash. The thing is, a lot of my stash is either sock yarn (no prob, can do the sock thing), or there single skeins or maybe two of a skein because I thought it would make something cute...I guess I could make small scarves or hats out of those...or maybe see if they look good together and combine them into something like a scarf - or whatever...

I find the more you comment on other blogs, the more who will come back to your blog and leave a comment. Some days I'm lucky to get a few comments, and other days (usually if I have a picture of an FO) it can be way up. I don't think I've gotten over 19 comments...and that usually happens if I don't post for a few days. I'm trying to remember that it's not all about the comments, but I must admit I enjoy getting them!

Beth said...

I can relate to your 2007 plans. Just today I had a discussion with my husband about knitting the yarn I have instead of buying more. ;)

Give Libby a huge hug from me. I just love seeing pictures of her. She's just so beautiful.

I've enjoyed getting to know you this year. Happy 2007!

Kathy said...

Do they still line dance down south? I was really into it in the early-mid 90s and I lost a lot of weight by dancing. It's a ton of fun, and the best thing about it is that it doesn't require a partner. If you do learn a couples dance, there are always plenty of spare men and or women who know the men's part to dance with you!

Rebekah said...

sounds like some great plans. I'm going to be about finishing myself this year. I get so bogged down with projects that I never finish anything!

Finding the exercise you like is key. I'm starting to walk again at lunch, which when I can combine with knitting I love. Now I just have to find a simple pattern I can knit while I walk. But it can't be too big. Maybe I'll continually knit hats, but then those are only good on circulars for walking.