Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 18th Birthday Alexandria Elizebeth

The Baby Girl turns 18 today! She grew up way to fast. Started out at 7 pounds and tiny, tiny, and now she's a beautiful 18 year old. Do I dare say woman? Nah, I think I'll save that for 21...I'm not ready for my Baby to be a woman yet (although I also think that's tough, huh?)

She has been such a great daughter, always happy, talented, smart, fun to be with! She was born 11 years after we had her sister and 8 years after we had her brother and was such a joy to all of us. Her sister says she was her "practice baby" and her brother had a shadow from the day we brought her home from the hospital. He loved to read to her, so maybe that's what made her so smart. She plays the clarinet proficiently, oboe, saxaphone and drums, has a beautiful singing voice and is just a great kid. Seeing her grow up and get ready to go off to college is meloncoly; we raised her to be ready for this but we're not sure if we're ready for this! Happy Birthday Baby Girl. You were the BEST mistake we ever made! :o)

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Catherine Kerth said...

happy b-day baby girl ;)