Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Old, Loved and Well Used

I have been looking everywhere for a size 13 steel crochet hook to try the beaded knitting method done by http://fluffyknitterdeb.blogspot.com/and unless I ordered them online, couldn't find them. Well, I remembered today that my Mom had given me a big basket full of knitting needles, hooks, etc that were my Grandmothers and decided it was time to go thru it and this is what I found! I have sizes, in steel crochet hooks, from 1 - 13! I also have several that are really, really old, there isn't even a marking on them from the company that made them. Some were a quarter, some 35 cents. My Great Grandmother, Nannie, made doily's, crochet edgings for pillowcases (I still have mine she made for our wedding that have wedding bells along the edging) and even full size bedspreads - all with crochet thread and these little tiny hooks. Wow! I was so thrilled to see them that I got tears in my eyes. My Great Grandmother was a terrific crocheter and my Grandmother was a terrific knitter. I learned from both. Now I can use their hooks and needles. I also found tons of stitch holders and bunches of the yarn bobbins for doing color work, needle sizers, scissors - what a wonderful basket full of knitting supplies! Grandma is in a nursing home now and doesn't knit anymore but I'm am so happy to have some of her knitting things. She celebrated her 90th birthday this past August. My Great Grandmother would have been well over 100 by now but until her death at age 83 she was crocheting. Two great ladies and very influential in my love of all things fiber!

12 more repeats on my Pacific Northwest Shawl edging and then it's blocking time. Maybe pictures next week if I ever get thru these 12 repeats!

Happy Knitting to you all and may you find some nice old, loved, well used needles or hooks to give you inspiration!

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Debi said...

What a cool story! Your ancestors love of fiber crafts lives on in you! I can't wait to see what you make with beads...thanks for the shout out, btw :)