Saturday, May 21, 2005

Slackin' Off!

I really am knitting like crazy! I've gotten alot done on the cotton "rainbow sherbert" shawl and have most of the back of the orange cotton sweater done, but, what's taking up so much of my time is the lace shawl class I'm taking from Needlecraft University ( It's a 3 week class and today is the 3rd week but, after a really slow start (I had to rip the thing out so many times I lost count) I've actually managed to get 5 repeats of the pattern done. I think I have a few more to go, but I'm enjoying it now. I'll be the last one to post a picture of the it finished, but it'll be worth it, it's a beautiful pattern.

I had to do something different today so I made the "Nantasket Basket" and will try to get it felted tomorrow. I'll also try to get some pictures, but we haven't had much sun around here lately.

So, have a good weekend all and happy knitting!

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Shez75 said...

All that slacking off, I know someone who would get the dust bunnies for you. I even vacuum. LOL Domestic Daughter for hire. LOL I am really going to try to get into doing this. When the kids are in school I might go to four days a week (depending on how it goes) but one day will definetly be to hang out with my Mommy! And I am wanting to stay in this area to do it. So not that much driving. But for you... I'll give ya a good deal and you can sit in a chair and knit and watch me. I mean it! I know when school starts back sometimes I want to meet you at Wendy's and just go hang out at your house for the day. I miss ya. And when I come on the weekends it's everyone else's down time so it gets a little crazy. I have fun though and love the grilled burgers. Love ya!