Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's been 10 days?

Guess I've been a little slow with this blog updating, but I have been busily knitting along, just hasn't amounted to much. I'm making the most awesome summer sweater (more like fall, too hot in here to be wearing a sweater) but I've had a few problems with it and after 13" and 2 mistakes that I thought stuck out like sore thumbs, ripped it all out and at first thought I'd just forget it. After sleeping on it, I just couldn't give up on it cause I really like this pattern and I WANT THAT SWEATER! So, Tuesday I cast on again and have about 4 or 5" done and not one mistake yet! I'll try to get a picture of my WIP (work in progress) as soon as the sun shines around here. But, it's gorgeous and it's color name is marigold!

I've also been working on the "rainbow sherbet shawl" but only when I need mindless knitting. It's about 15" long and I'm going to keep going till I run out of yarn. I'll try to get a picture of that too, and list the yarns correct name. It's cotton, and real pretty. Saturday I'm taking an online lace knitting class. It's with I'm going to do it in a pale peach color and send it to your Great Grandma for her 90th birthday this summer. Hope I can do it, lace is something I haven't done much of, but this class online sounds like a good way to learn stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

I also had to quit everything in there somewhere and make 2 baby blankets, which I crocheted and one of them didn't get photographed. I forgot. Darn!

So, progress is slow here, but progress is being made. Hope you can wait till tomorrow to see the pictures and the colors!

Got some really neat scrapbooking supplies for you today. Between my yarn buying spree and finding you scrapbooking bargains, we might not eat this week! I FORGOT TO TELL YOU - I found the new yarn shop today, Wild Fiber Yarns, and loved it. They have a lot of different stuff than the Red Needle, which I went to after finding Wild Fiber. I had a great yarn shopping day and came home with 3 bags of stuff. Oh, the 3rd bag came from Michaels, where I got some Lion Brand Woolease to make myself a winter sweater some day. It's the same yarn I made Jugheads vest out of. I can't wear 100% wool, and this is wool but mostly acrylic so it'll work for me. And, it's a pretty pattern, but I'll save that for when I start it someday.

Have a great weekend.
Love ya,

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