Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sad realization!

Good Morning kiddo,
Well, after all that work and getting all excited about how well it fit, I've decided to give my red Simple Cardigan away and try to do another one, just longer. It's just too short and there is no way I can lengthen it without wripping way too much and by then I could knit another one. So, I'm sad, but learned a lesson - MEASURE! Or I could get a flat stomach, but I don't see that happening!
I finished knitting my "Little Companion" bag last night so have to do the I-cord strap and then felt it. I started another hat too, so should have that done in a day or so. If I paid attention to all this stuff I wouldn't have to reknit so much huh? Pooh!
That's my crafty day. What are you up to? You didn't go back for a snooze did you?
Back to packing up my old kitchen, to get ready for my new one.
Love ya,

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Shez75 said...

Hey Mom,
Who are you giving your sweater away too? That's ashame, remember to take a picture of it first, okay!
I did go back to sleep, you caught me. HA! But it sure felt good. I'm trying to clean up my house and get rid of some of this junk to make way for my "new" kitchen, your "old" Kitchen! LOL
Love ya.